Monday, January 28, 2008

Looking Back on Jan. 22nd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on Jan 22nd Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

This week there were a number of guys already in San Antonio for the Society’s MidWinter convention. Director Joe was there for committee meetings and to prepare to serve as MC for the first Youth Harmony Chorus contest. Other folks were leaving tomorrow morning for TX.

Will, Tony and Chuck (our assistant directors) took turn up front with warm ups, craft, song run-throughs. Chuck McK and Gary worked on several SP things. And Craig did the aerobics warm up. There were also sectionals for working on “Clap Yo Hands” and “Ed Sullivan.”

Dick Weick was reported still in the hospital at Fairfax, and Bruce Minnick is waiting for a serious heart operation.

Brad Jones spoke to all about the efforts to get quartets ready to fill orders for Singing Valentines. There are some prospects for doing gigs for soldiers who are overseas and have someone here in DC area we could sing to.

The PUT TOGETHER contest is next week. If you aren’t in a quartet yet, and starting to work on some fun song, you should do so – especially those of you who read this article each week but don’t currently sing in the chorus. Or just show up on the Jan. 29th. I hear the musical leaders will form some quartets on the spot for the contest and have them sing Pole Cat songs. If you want to help with the contest, contact Joel Golden, who is chair this year (you could help escort contestants, set up chairs at break for audience, help sound/tech crew set up mics and such.

Treasurer Eckman announced the good results of our Script sales efforts for last year. Thanks of course to Dick and Carolyn Hall for taking charge each week. We sold $71,000 and netted $5,200 for the chapter!! Fifth place salesman was Harner, fourth was Eckman, third was Ives, second was Fess and first was Rust who sold $8,600.

Ike Evans offered to make a Holiday Show book (like the one the chapter gave Terry Reynolds at the president’s banquet on the 19th). Speak with Ike about your request. It was really a terrific piece.

The technical crew on Tuesday nite set up and recorded a song or two. They will be used by the SP team for training sessions on the stage before chapter meeting on Tuesday nites.

The famous Harmonizer photo board that gets put up each week with mug shots of the members is getting a face-lift. Ike Evans is putting new guys on the board and updating those that needed updating. He is using more technology so that he shoots the picture, and processes it and puts it on the board in a few minutes. Sure looks nice. Thanks, Ike.

The “Riser Rats” for 2007 were acknowledged again last week and given their usual candy, popcorn and movie coupons. Thanks to those guys too.

Secretary Chris offered to order any Harmo logo items for guys – now is the time to get in on the order. Jackets, shirts, caps, etc.

He also presented membership cards for Mark Klostermeyer – 27 years, and Rick Savage – 34 years.

Roger Day, our membership VP, reminded us that Feb. 19th is the formal guest nite for the chapter. We continue to welcome guys back to the fold who have been out for a while like Paul Grimes, Bill DePuy and Arthur Louis.

Reminder—there will be sectionals this Saturday at Durant at 9 am. All come.

There were handouts in each guy’s mailbox regarding a fundraiser show for Nancy Sterling who is battling ALS. Show is Feb. 24th, 3 pm in MD at Todd Performing Arts Center. Contact Steve White who has more details.

Lots of guys were off tonite that we know of who are fighting colds and the crud. Heard several guys sharing that they had missed last week because of some things going around.
And we drank 40 cups of coffee and ate a lot of holiday left over goodies – it was darn cold outside too.

Til next time - editorjack.

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