Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hello, and welcome to the new Harmoblog.

We've set up this blog in the hope that it will make easier for chapter leadership to communicate with the chapter and vice versa.

Posted on here you may find many different types of notices. Notices about performances and rehearsals, personal and "sunshine" news, synopses of recent events and prospectuses of upcoming ones.

For those of you already familiar with blogs, this should be ready to use. For those who are new to blogs, we think you'll soon get used to the convenience of one. Used well, the Harmoblog may be able to cut down on chapter use of email and business announcements at chapter meeting.

Note that the blog is term-searchable (there's a little search window up top there) and keyword-searchable. But that will become important only later, as the blog grows so we can talk about that later.

Meanwhile, welcome to our latest step forward in chapter communications!

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