Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Looking Back On Feb. 26th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on Feb. 26th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The stage at Durant was packed with guys at 6 pm for Chuck McKeever’s stage presence class and review of material taught at the weekend retreat. The VLQ was meeting in a back room and working on a new song.

For warm ups there was the usual physical drill led by Craig and then Tony worked hard on better breathing and other vocal exercises. He was really fired up by the good singing and work effort displayed by the troops on the risers.

First song of the nite was a review of the “Ed Sullivan Medley.” The big laugh of the nite was when Director Joe volunteered to sing the bass part in the radio quartet. The whole place broke up on that one.

Chuck Hunter taught another of his terrific barbershop craft classes – use of the whole vocal instrument.

Director Joe used the “mirrors” on the wall and had the men check their facial expressions for “If I Ruled The World.” Then he worked on “Clap Yo Hands” reviewing the new tag taught by coach Kirk Young during the weekend retreat.

For the business session: President Stamps reported on Larry Silva’s back operation and that Larry is home now to recover from this serious medical procedure; McKeever told chorus members to pick up copies of stage right or stage left CDs with visual plan and moves demonstrated for “Clap”; Brad Jones launched the taping program for this season; Secretary Buechler presented Steve White his 31-year membership card. Roger Day brought out the large line of guests – several returnees from last week’s guest nite.

After a great break around the goodies table, singing resumed with Joe working on “I Love You Truly” – with an acknowledgment of John Hohl, back from FL, who helped with the arrangement for this beautiful contest ballad.

Then the chorus was taken thru a review of the stage presence for “Clap” while the front row worked on their routine for this exciting contest uptune.

We ended with the 50/50 drawing and KTWWS and another great effort by all to dismantle and put away and clear the meeting place in record time.

Until next time – editorjack!

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