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Looking Back on Supreme Court Performance June 1, 2009

Looking Back on Supreme Court Performance June 1, 2009

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week with Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter members. —Ye Ed.)

Thanks to Lew Klinge who served as reporter for this event!!

Here are his notes:

Not sure what to report, as other than the venue, it was routine all the way....

First: Don't over-sing, dammit!

The North entrance seemed to be under re-construction so it was a long walk to get to the door and hit security. The busier it got, the less security there was.

Once inside we were ushered to the cafeteria for changing/warming up. There were 76 of us, including Joe.

Don't over-sing, Dammit! (from what I hear this was stressed a lot during warm up as chorus prepared to sing in the marble hall.)

Will Cox warmed us up and then Joe began to run the order, from last to first.

Don't over-sing, Dammit

About 8:30 we were escorted to a beautiful meeting room for dainty desserts, coffee, tea and assorted soft drinks. In the rush to get at the food, Joe almost lost his hand! It was a beautiful evening and since the doors to the courtyard were open we could enjoy the nite.

Because of the close proximity to the banquet hall, we couldn't sing in the conference room, but we were able to "whisper" through some of the songs before filing into the banquet room which was actually the grand foyer of the Supreme Court building. We were crammed up on risers with Joe about 1.5 feet in front of us. There were probably 40 tables of 10 people in the room with two tables about 2 feet in front of the front row.

Joe gave us a "thumbs up" indicating that he wanted abbreviated choreography ("Great Day" and "NY, NY") and VERY abbreviated choreo for "Clap Yo Hands"). No injuries occurred.

There were four justices in the audience...Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy. I spotted Roberts and Alito but not the other two. (Actually Ye Ed heard later there were six there.)

Lots of current or ex-military folks in the audience with most having served in the Army, who stood at our invitation during the "Armed Forces Medley. I didn't see any Coast Guard folks but couldn't exactly see everyone.

We received a standing ovation but it wasn't initiated by the Chief Justice. He rose about 10 seconds after some guy 1/3 of the way to the back stood up and got it started.

Probably got the standing ovation because we DIDN'T oversing!

(And those of you who know Lew very well realize that I had to leave out a few items he wrote about!!! Thanks Lew.)

Until next time -- editorjack!

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