Sunday, August 8, 2010

Harmonizers on the HIgh Seas (High Cs?)

The Harmonizers that went on the Barbershop Harmony at Sea Cruise to Bermuda had a great time. We were small in number but got to know each other a lot better. The only male barbershoppper who was not a Harmonizer was David Ellis, Cindy Hansen’s husband.

There were no female tenor’s on the cruise so David Ellis had to sing female tenor with the women in addition to singing with the men. Also, the only female baritone on the cruise got sick and Joe Cerutti had to sing baritone with the women. The Harmo family that were with us was Dan O’Brian’s wife Laura and their son, Dick Dangel’s wife Carol and Bob Rhome’s wife Anne. The single guys were Joe Cerutti, Ian Poulin, and me. The number of female barbershoppers attending were slightly larger than the males.

Missing in the photo of the guys was David Ellis because he was over rehearsing with the women. Missing in the combined photo is Joe Cerutti because he was directing the combined chorus singing on the atrium steps.

Sam McFarland

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