Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking Back on the August 2nd “Summer Camp” Chapter Meeting

Camp Director Terry Reynolds and his counselors were ready for the Harmonizer Campers who came out for this summer break event. It was fun for all with a lot of variety.

There were no risers, nor a chorus rehearsal. Thanks to Scott Kahler for getting us sound for the evening. Warm up time was singing a “Pole Cat” directed by Bob Wachter. Music vp and camp director, Terry, did a part-by-part review of “Keep The Whole World Singing” and the “Harmonizer Welcome Song” which we sing each week to welcome visitors to our chapter. Words and music for this song were created by former director, John Hohl.

Dr. Jeremy Richardson conducted a class on the physics of sound with av, demonstrations using glasses filled with water and a thorough printed handout. There was a great student/teacher Q&A period.

The evening also included a period of Ask The Music Committee which brought out some good topics about repertoire, voice parts, etc.

YeEd inserted trivia questions between program items. One item was “Which quartet was disqualified by judges at International and then announced at that moment by the contest emcee?” The quartet was the POTOMA CHORDS with our director then, Oz Newgard. But YeEd didn’t know what they were given a zero score. So while the chapter meeting was going on, he called former director Scott Werner in FL. (Scott says hi to all!) He also recalls the incident well, as his quartet, the NOVA CHORDS were next to sing in that contest and it shook them up a lot to have heard the emcee announce the DQ. No quartet has likely had that happen since. Scott says the DQ was given by the arrangement judges for inappropriate song selection.

Another Summer Camp session was about truly woodshedding. Bob Blair sang the melody to a song and then the guys tried their hand at finding their parts to sing along.

The campers were then given a chance to attend one of three breakout sessions – building a barbershop chord; learning other “Pole Cat” songs; or watching contest videos of Harmonizer performances in the past and one of the Midwest Vocal Express from WI and their “fishes in a glass fish tank” package.

For break, there was lots of tasty watermelon.

After break, quartet promo guy, Eric Wallen, conducted a tag singing contest. There were 9 entries – mostly put together earlier in the evening. Lew Klinge was emcee (and he did not disappoint – he made a “call” to his friend at BHS headquarters, Ev Nau).

Judges were Ellen Dellert, one of our fans from the FRIENDS group; Adams Bradley, a member of the Class of 2011; and Chuck Harmer, a member of the Class of 1976, YeEd was secretary for the judging event.

Third place was won by THE MIGHTY WA-WA’s – Drew Fuller, Brian Ammerman, Eric Wallen and Steve Murane.

Second place was won by TAGS AND SWIPES FOREVER – Rick Savage, Bob Blair, Chuck Hunter and Eric Wallen.

First place was won by EVIL COMPANIONS – Scipio Garling, Noah Van Gilder, Jeremy Richardson and Terry Reynolds. They sang a tag to “Old Kentucky Home” and “Evil Companions.”

Eric Wallen was declared winner of the George-Azzam-Who-Could-Sing-in-The-Most-Quartets Award! He showed up in three.

There were a number of guests present for Camp and a some of them sang in tag quartets in the contest. Welcome to all – great to have you singing with us. Some were in the DC area for summer internships, for special work assignments or on vacation. Congrats to Josh and Amy Roots who were married this past weekend. Josh’s uncle, Chuck, was a guest. He officiated at the wedding ceremony – and was the guy who talked Josh into joining our chorus a few years ago – and thus earned the Man of Note for sponsoring Josh.

Great to have Chuck Hunter in town one more time before his trip to Bagdad.

Martin Banks brought a great display for guests to see about the chapter’s participation in International chorus contests.

There was a little business session with announcements conducted by Camp Life Guard, Mark Klostermeyer. Brian Ammerman reminded guys to work on ticket sales for the fall show and word that a new show flyer is out which includes a direct phone number for customers to use in ordering tickets.

Bruce Lauther will be gone for a couple weeks to Europe so will suspend medal engraving and Carnegie Hall CD sales til he returns.

Scipio Garling stressed the Membership 125 Drive.

After the quartet contest, we closed shop and a big crowd went to the Hilton for an afterglow. We were outside since it was cooler, and thus there was some tag singing. The guys wanted to be sure to get in one more tagging session with Chuck before he leaves us again. He was using his famous teaching method of using his fingers to create the lines and spaces of a musical staff.

Guest Cameron Bolt directed KTWWS.

YeEd has heard a little news from our Harmonizer pals at Harmony University in MO. Stay tuned for a special report.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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