Friday, March 29, 2013

Looking Back on the Mar. 26th Chapter Meeting

Everyone came to chapter meeting this week ready to work, knowing full-well that after the coaching session with Tony DeRosa on Saturday, we had lots to review and relearn.


Meanwhile the usual cast of characters were busy with set up of the hall, practice on stage with Chuck McKeever for uptune stage moves, front row drill in the lobby, and a typical array of business matters to be taken care of.  The new book Visions of Excellence edited by our director Joe Cerutti was available for $20 (it will be sold again next week while the supply lasts).  


Assistant director Will Cox did the vocal warm ups, and then director Joe gave a brief recap of the weekend (he is still laughing after the fun he had with Tony D on Saturday!).  Joe also introduced the four section leaders and then introduced the visual row leaders.  And he also announced a new visual team member, Randall Eliason, who will be the “face guy” for the chorus.  So Randall will be out front a lot, working to improve facial expression.  He announced a new craft maxim – “Your Face Matters!”


Before we really got to sing, assistant director Terry Reynolds called off the exact new riser positions for the guys and so we got up onto the risers.  This realignment is a result of the weekend coaching session too.


Then we went to work on the uptune with changes and with visual drills. We worked a long slot of time on it with input from Carlos Barillo and Chuck McKeever.  Then before break, took time for guys to record or make live evaluations for listeners.


Bob Blair was filling in for operations vp Bob Rhome and conducted the weekly chapter meeting.  He alerted all that Ike Evans is set up to redo and/or take mug shots of anyone whose picture is not on the wall board display.  He said “if you Mother would not recognize you in those pictures, get a new one taken tonite.”


Ian Poulin is eager to complete sale of scrip for the Toronto hotel costs. Note that he will not be with us in May!!


Mick Stamps and Ken Fess are also eager to collect the latest payments needed for the Normandy trip.


Shows vp Ken Rub confirmed the date change for the show and a cappella contest to May 18, 2013.  He recently signed the contract to hold the event at Lincoln Theater on U Street.  The contest has a $2000 cash prize for the best group.  He is interested in our input for possible candidates for the competition that will run from 8-10:30 pm.  There will be an afterglow too.


Terry Reynolds asked us all to sign up for the vocal studios on the clip boards he posted on the table behind the risers.  Visual studio sign up should be done on the Groupanizer site.  He also suggested we start getting a recording made of the ballad and submitting it. And finally, the video recordings for our private review will continue.


Chuck Harner, chairman of the chapter’s host committee for the Southern Division contest and convention, spoke about the need for volunteers.  Jobs needed are not hard nor time consuming.  Most are needed just Friday nite April 26 and/or Saturday April 27 in Reston. Typical tasks are being runners for quartets or choruses en route to the stage; passing out programs at the auditorium door and keeping the doors closed; set up and take down of the stage drapes and risers and auditorium set up.  There are shifts too, so you can get a break.  Sign up right away and join in the fun.  When we have done this before, a lot of guys helped and got to know each other better and met other barbershoppers.


Secretary Chris Buechler presented a new member kit to Josh DesPortes and a Man of Note pin for Dave DesPortes for bringing his son into the chapter.


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer welcomed guests who were in town for the Cherry Blossoms and found us via the “Things To Do In Alexandria” brochure.  There were also two applicants with us.


During the break, YeEd heard that ACME CHORD COMPANY will be singing out-of-district in Seneca Land April 12.  Good luck guys.


YeEd also spoke with Don Harrington about his temporary assignment with USAID for the next few months.  He and his wife will be posted there and will miss the trip to Toronto.  He is planning to be back for the France trip.  Be safe over there, Don.


The second half of the nite we reviewed and worked hard to bring the ballad back up together with changes, new interp, revisions even from Saturday and a special session on getting the tag to work as planned, with help from Chuck Hunter.


We put things all away and some guys went over to the LaPortas for the afterglow.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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