Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Looking Back on the May 21st Chapter Meeting


Well there was a lot of action and singing and business matters all set for this week.  The risers were up right after 6, so the front row could practice in the configuration of the risers as well as lean to place new props in the correct spots.  There were also guys on the stage working on stage moves with Chuck McKeever.


Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups. And director Joe Cerutti, fighting a terrible case of poison ivy, worked on “God Bless America” that we will sing on the Jefferson Awards show at 9 am June 19th.  Joe asked associate director Tony Colosimo to help with directing for the nite.


Before we got too far into the evening, chorus manager Mark Klostermeyer introduced the Class of 2013, which included all those members who have never competed at an International convention with our chorus. They were presented bright orange/red/yellow bandanas with the instruction to have then visible on their person any time they are at a Harmo function.  The list will be expanded when additional men are given their scarves to wear.


Carlos Barillo
Lou Bergner
Dave Branstetter
David DesPortes
Randall Eliason
Tom Frederick
Gary Fuller
John Greene
Bob Griesemer
Rich Hewitt
David Hood
Peter Hubbard
Kevin McKenzie
Stan Quick
Ben Roberts
Calvin Schnure
Dean Sherick
Steve Szyszka
Shawn Tallant
Mike Vlcej
Harold Weinberger
Doug White
Duncan Woodbury


We worked hard on our contest songs. At one point, Joe had the AV team play some clips from past champs choruses and after discussing their most obvious qualities, we worked to apply those points to our music. (We listened to the Ambassadors of Harmony, Westminster, and Vocal Majority.)

Joe and Tony worked as a team all evening and used several educational techniques to help us understand. 


Bob Rhome conducted the chapter meeting period and started with reminders to buy scrip for Toronto, get a 50/50 ticket, to turn in your retreat fee payment to Howard Nestlerode, order a Toronto shirt from Roger Day, and turn in your payments for the Normandy trip.


Ellen Dellert announced that the FRIENDS IN HARMONY are selling a convention button for $1 each.  Many men got their button before the nite ended.


Chapter secretary Chris Buechler presented a Man of Note pin to Mike Kelly for bringing Duncan Woodbury to the chapter.  And Mike presented Duncan his new member packet.


There are a bunch of men who have recently renewed their membership – always glad to acknowledge our men who renew.  (There are a few others Chris is bugging to be sure they get their dues paid before Toronto to be eligible to sing!)  Renewal cards went to Rich Hewitt for 2 years; Pete Hubbard 2 years; Kellen Hertz 3 years; Lou Bergner 6 years; Nick Murane 8 years; Craig Kujawa 10 years; Tom Berkey 16 years; Scipio Garling 17 years; Jim Lake 20 years; Bob Wells 22 years; Chris Buechler 28 years; Bob Eckman 29 years; Austin Cotton 38 years; Howard Nestlerode 38 years and Mike Wallen for 41 years.


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Ken White welcomed a long line of guests – some family members, some fans, several first timer singers and an applicant.


We had a good break (Bob Rhome alerted all that the coffee each week is decaf – for those who need to know!) and the Class of 2013 met to start planning for their year, and the basses worked in the lobby on a couple music spots.


After break, Joe invited Chuck Hunter to coach and offer suggestions. Chuck addressed his ideas as choices we could make on word sounds, breathing and tone production.


Tony and Joe worked as a team til closing.  We worked on some of the non-singing time points too. There was time for guys to sing for their “listener” for final approval.  And before we ended we did complete sets with the front row. 


In other news about chapter members: several Harmonizers will be on the faculty of Harmony College East, June 13-16 in Salisbury, MD, including Bill Colosimo, Mike Kelly, Dean Martin, Bob Wachter, Mike Wallen and Steve White.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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