Friday, June 5, 2015

Looking Back on the June 2nd Chapter Meeting

The chorus arrived ready for work and work we did.  But it was a hugely successful rehearsal – one of the best ever.  Many of us figured we would have to catch up from the retreat, but there was a pretty good retention and adaptation of the suggestions from our coaches.

Ops vp Todd Ryktarsyk set up the hall a little differently – the risers all the way backed up to the wall so there was adequate room for the front row routine to use the same space as the stage will be in Pittsburgh.  As usual, the front row was there at 6 pm to work and a lot of new members worked with riser coach Chuck McKeever on the stage to review their stage moves.

Most of the guys had seen the notes from the retreat, taken by Dean Rust (thanks Dean) and sent to us with comments by director Joe Cerutti. They were very thorough and helped.  When asked how many guys had worked 15 minutes each day on the package, there were tons of hands in the air!!

Associate director Tony Colosimo did the important warm up session for the chorus. And then we jumped right into working on sections of the contest songs.  Joe reminded us that June will be dedicated to work on the contest package.  We did several run throughs of the whole package before the nite was over.

For the chapter meeting, Todd called each guy up who had a message to announce.  Pittsburgh chairman Craig Kujawa asked if anyone had any questions about the most recent newsletter for convention which he published.  And he needs helpers for the chapter hospitality room at convention. Bob Blair needs two guys to drive the Harmo van to Pittsburgh. Music vp Steve White needs a couple men to tally the names and credentials for the chorus so we can enter Bolling military base for rehearsal on June 25th. Frank Fedarko was selling International pictures and Steve Murane and Randall Eliason were handling tickets for the Togetherness Breakfast.

Chuck Powell extended an invite to the chorus to sing as this wedding Sept. 4. 

Todd reminded everyone – the next two meetings, Tues, the 9th and Thurs, the 11th, are at First Baptist Church, 2932 King St.

Chapter secretary Chris Buechler offered a chapter 50-year history book to anyone who has not gotten one yet. He also presented membership renewal cards to Edris Qarghah for seven years; Nick Murane for 10 years and Ike Evans for 28 years.

Ken Fess asked if anyone wanted a shirt from the Normandy trip.  He took note of the hands that went up.

President Terry Reynolds announced that Steve Szyszka had a death in the family and had to miss tonite. We welcomed Wayne Adams and Joe Sawyer.  And he called for the board to meet for a few minutes at break.

Terry then introduced the “wranglers” who have helped us get our costumes ready.  The chorus rose for a standing ovation in appreciation for all their help and work.  The official list of “wranglers” YeEd received from Greg Tepe includes Clark Chesser, Clyde Crusenberry, Ellen Dellert. Don Dillingham/Sandra Dillingham. Gail Felker, Mark Klostermeyer, Robyn Murane, Stan Quick, Rick Savage, Mick Stamps, Ginny Wells, plus help from Ninamarie Maragioglio.

Speaking of uniforms, there was a bandana check for the Class of 2015 – all passed.

Membership vp Rich Hewitt introduced guests and welcomed them all.

After the break, it was back to work on our music. Dick Hall gave his annual pre-International pep talk about Harmonizer pride!  At 10 pm, everyone helped clear the hall.

Before we left, Joe and Terry confirmed that the chorus will do the job on Saturday June 13th in DC.  We will do a few quick reviews of “Happy” before then.

The afterglow crowd had fun as usual at La Porta’s.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.


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