Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking Back on the Jan. 12th Chapter Meeting

(Thanks to Michael Gilmore for taking the notes for this week’s report while YeEd was in NYC.  Also thanks to Stan Quick for making coffee and getting refreshments ready.)

The usual crowd of members was busy setting up for split rehearsal session - risers and chairs.


We took our places on the risers to a new song to be learned for the U-MD invitational "Brothers Sing On" as performed by BGSU men's chorus.


Associate director Tony Colosimo led warm ups - again this week in a tie (salmon color!) He worked on projecting energy and getting the breathiness out.


Director Joe Cerutti then took over to work on “Yesterday.” He started work in sections with a new projector that made it easier to see for a lot of the guys. Feeling of resistance is the theme for the night. Joe talked about the thought that Herrington put into the arrangement, playing Boyz 2 Men as an example of what the feeling should be for the baritones. There are also some tricky rhythms that need to be worked on in all the parts.


Joe called out the guys who were ready and had them sing to the chorus. With a bunch of guys stepping down they were then split into smaller groups.


Joe then talked about what he had said in his remarks at the President's banquet and what makes us want to be Harmonizers. Why is the question. The tradition has been to depend on a coach or director to tell us the why. That won't be happening this year - that will be up to us. Think every week about the why. Why are we doing this, why are you a Harmonizer? Come with confidence, despite being busy. Come prepared. Trust yourself as an individual - get out of the feeling of being tested. Come next week confident, find and sing in a quartet before rehearsal and during break.


At the break, executive director Terry Reynolds mentioned former member Michael Organ passed. Michael brought great show and performance ideas to the chapter when he arrived on the scene.  Even after his move to Staunton, VA, he helped the stage presence teams develop show plans.  Often music team or SP teams met at his bed and breakfast for a weekend meeting.


Terry reported that $1000 in donations has been received by the Barbershop Harmony Foundation in honor of John Pence.  Therefore, JP’s name will appear on the wall at BHS HQ.


Terry also presented the final awards left unannounced at the recent awards banquet.  A separate “Looking Back” report will be issued regarding that event and all of the awards.

Secretary Chris Buechler then presented membership renewal cards to Gerry Fuller for 5 years, Jeremy Richardson for 19 years, and Gary Mankin for 43 years.


Membership director Rich Hewitt called on section leaders to meet at break.  He also thanked the guys filling Jan. 13th audition slots.


After break, work continued on “Harvey Milk.” We were joined by the several extra men helping us for that performance. An important note – “Leap” is to be memorized in two weeks. “You Are Here” off the paper next week, too.


Next Tuesday Bill Colosimo will speak about the Youth Harmony CHOYCE program that he is coordinating for our chapter.


A healthy number of guys helped tear down after rehearsal ended.

In other news, recently Chuck McKeever shared Ten Golden Common Sense Rules for any member of a singing ensemble.  Check them out next time you are at Durant where he has also posted them on the wall.

Here is news from the Harmonizer History committee: Local Programming Channel 36 (Verizon Fios - Fairfax County) broadcast the Harmonizers 2002 Sprint Tonic in its entirety Thursday Jan 7th, 2016,  from 10 AM- 12 Noon.  Historian Martin Banks reports, “This show, produced by Rick Wagner and Chad Hoseth, was Scottie's last chapter show prior to retirement and featured a theater seat honor at Schlesinger for Scott and Linda Werner.”


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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