Thursday, September 8, 2016

Looking Back on the Sept 6th Chapter Meeting

This week’s rehearsal was in the round again. Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm ups and got the large summer chorus ready for director Joe Cerutti. Joe used several techniques to make it fun including a wholesale quartet formation scheme. Then he had those quartets learn a tag. Later he had another quartet formation exercise and those quartets each sang part of one song and then the rest of us voted with applause for the best one.  One “ringer” quartet was disqualified for starting in the wrong place.  And 6th grader Mickey held up the tenor part in his quartet.  The winners got a huge cheer from all – sorry YeEd didn’t write down their names!


Musically we worked on the songs for the fall show.


Chapter executive director made announcements before break:  Ike Evans is taking member photos tonite; holiday show music will be coming online soon; it is important that every member take the survey coming to the membership on Wednesday.


President Randall Eliason explained the purpose of the Activities Survey. This is an effort by chapter administrators to build a strong infrastructure for operation, management and leadership for the huge efforts being planned for the next few years.  Randall labeled it a need for each member to “Step Down n Step Up” – step down off the risers and step up to help. Significant others and family members may also sign on to help.


Saturday Sept 10th the chapter is doing a 30-minute show at Market Square for the city 9/11 event. A riser crew will report at 3:30; chorus call is 4:15.  Parking in the garage under the Square will be validated. Uniform is black chorus suit pants, the black camp shirt (no t-shirts showing) and black shoes sox and belt. Songs will be “Star Spangled Banner’ and “God Bless America.”


Mark your calendar – our next recording session will be Tues. Sept 20th at First Baptist on King St.  We won’t be meeting at Durant that nite. We will record the three Beatles songs.


Chapter secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Bob Mattes for 18 years; Troy Hillier for 26 years; Chuck McKeever for 30 years (plus he got his lapel pin too); and Jack Cameron for 47 years.


As well left the main room at Durant for break, there were fall show flyers for each guy to take – two sizes.


After break, Joe played two new holiday songs for us to hear that we will learn for the Dec. show. And we reviewed two songs we will sing again this year.


Then we launched into this week’s work on Harvey Milk music for the fall show.  We also auditioned guys who wanted to do solos in “Friday.”  Thanks to Tom Jackson for piano accompaniment.


Kudos and thanks to FOUR FROM THE HEART quartet with Bob Blair, Bruce Lauther, Drew Fuller and Alan Wile that sang for several of our brothers who are having health issues. They went to Waldorf to sing for Dick Hall in the rehab center where he is currently.  Dick was so thrilled to see guys from the chapter. The quartet also sang for the other residents and staff there.


Then they also sang for Bob Wachter and his wife Jean who both in Mt. Vernon Hospital in Alexandria – in two different rooms.


And the quartet sang via telephone for Terry Jordan, Bob Wilson and Lou Manfre.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 68th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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