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Looking Back on Feb. 19th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on Feb. 19th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

If you were there, you saw the grin on Director Joe’s face when he stepped up to direct the NINE risers full of singers this week. Guest nite worked and brought out a lot of first timers to our meeting, and a lot of guys we have not seen for awhile. Which is always a treat.

First thing Joe did was have all the members greet the guest next to them on the risers. And then humorously, he said, “Enough greeting. We have a lot of fun singing to do tonite.” And off it went.

The coffee table was loaded with goodies the Harmo-family brought to share with the guests! Roger brought sodas too and Lew brought some ice to cool’em. Everyone looked sharp in the various shirts with logos – especially the new electric blue ones with the kaki pants. Guys who don’t have these new outfits yet should see Tom Kern.

The evening included a strong work out on “Clap Yo Hands” and “Mona Lisa” and “Happy Feet.” There was a promise to roll out the stage presence plan for “Clap Yo Hands” this weekend at the retreat on Fri nite and all day Sat. Joe asked the guys to consider coming to all or even parts of the weekend.

He also encouraged members to take a serious look the chapter calendar and add chapter events to their schedules, as the calendar was done on purpose, far in advance, so we could all plan ahead with family and work.

A crew of guys (Cerutti, Plaag, McKeever, Kujawa) were in NY this past weekend to learn the SP plan from the creator of the plan. They will then teach the front row and quad leaders and us. All of those guys are really excited about the plan and look forward to seeing us in action.

As part of the chapter meeting, Dick Hall promoted the sale of script cards and encouraged guys to plan ahead and buy from other stores where the chapter gets a larger percentage. Michael Calhoun thanked key players (Bibens, Kahler, D. Hall, Mankin, Klinge, B Jones, Dixie Kennett) in the Singing Valentine effort – 86 orders and a nice net income to help the bottom line. Great stories are coming in, from all around, of warm or funny things that happened when the quartets made their presentations.

Past President Wile did some catch-up work on award presentations that were not made at the annual banquet. Jason and Judson Stewart were given Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work at the fall show and the holiday show – back stage, in the kitchen, or working with set construction. Parents Bill and Jean had great smiles too!!!

There was a special recognition for Assistant Director Tony Colosimo for representing the chapter as a member of Gold Medalist Collegiate Quartet ROADTRIP.

The Harmonizer Honor Award (which we were all wondering about that was not presented at the banquet) was given to Bob Rhome for all he does for the chapter. Well deserved. He was on travel for two or three weeks, and thus the delay to make the presentation.

Service Awards went also to Martin Banks for his successful marketing efforts for the chapter and to Bruce Lauther for his successful booking efforts for the chorus.

Secretary Buechler and President Stamps gave a board member-at-large lapel pin to Brian Miller.

Then it was time to meet all the guests. One surprise was Bob Johnson Jr., past chapter president and leader in the ‘80s, visiting from FL. Ken White assisted Roger in presenting the MANY first-time guest pins tonite too.

After the coffee break and social time, Roger invited all the guests to go to another room where they were given a little more info about the chapter, and taught a couple of tags. When they returned, to a rousing welcome back, the guests sang both tags. Sounded darn good too!!

Then it was turn-around and the chorus performed for the guests with staging and all. And Joe taught the whole gang a great tag that really rang the rafters. It was fun for new and old alike.

Hopefully many of these guys will get a chance to stop by the chorus retreat this weekend at Durant, Fri. nite and all day Sat. There is a surprise coach coming to teach a new tag to “Clap Yo Hands” and help get us fired up on this great new uptune. If you are not active these day , why not come by this weekend and see the excitement. Get a cup of coffee and stay a little while.

Until next time – editorjack!

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