Wednesday, February 20, 2008

M&P Agenda and snow plan


If the weather should cause us to have to cancel tonights M&P meeting, I will send an email notice to all of you and I will also use the new Harmo blog to post a notice for those who may be somewhere where they have internet access but can't see their email. Assuming the weather doesn't hold us we have a lot of issues to discuss tonight. The agenda is:

Agenda for M&P Meeting – February 20, 2008
Update as of 9:30am 2/20

1. Scholarship committee – Jack Shields and Harmony

2. Retreat planning – actions/activities

3. Finale training/experts?

4. MMB Recording Program

5. Youth Festival

6. Valentines Lessons Learned

7. Recording session

8. 60th anniversary proposal

9. Committee reports


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