Friday, April 4, 2008

Looking Back on April 1st Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

First off, great to see Carolyn Hall back at her post on Tuesday with the 50/50 tickets and Script cards to sell.

First thing after the 7 pm start was the terrific first-time appearance of another new chapter quartet. PRIME TIME with Sutton, Plaag, Ken White and TJ Barranger who directs Ann Arundel chapter.

They were also testing a new chapter idea – to use a mic when a quartet sings in front of the chapter since that huge room in Durant just eats up the sound. Was good.

Director Joe thanked folks for attending the recent round of Studios – nearly 100%. He did remind everyone that they need to attend at least one of the visual studios that are coming up at the dance studio (that is where we got the name for these workouts in the first place).

Then the chorus worked hard on “Clap” with the front row out in the lobby working with their new benches Bill Stewart made. We are all eager to see the routine. Some new guys are in front row these days – Scipio Garling, Patrick Kim and brand new member Kyle Blomgren.

Next was a revival of “Kiss de Girl” with Ken White doing the solo part up front and Roger Day continuing in the duet roll. Rhythm was done by Blair, Plaag and Cameron.

During the chapter meeting period, President Stamps thanked Brad Jones for all the work that made this past weekend’s Harmony Youth Festival such a success. About 60 students and 4 or 5 music educators, including former Harmonizer Alan Weberg, participated. Brad thanked lots of chapter members and their partners who helped with the work of the day starting with set up Friday nite, food prep and serving and clean up, teaching and registering, preparing packets including the special t-shirt Roger had made, putting on the show Sat nite for a crowd of over 100, and bringing in lots of goodies to share. Friends in Harmony were a big help too.

President Stamps also gave an early warning that we are hosting the Southern Division Contest in Reston on Memorial Day weekend – Friday and Saturday, May 23 and 24. It makes us some needed cash and is a way for guys to get in on the action of barbershop outside the chapter. Section chiefs have been lined up and so be ready to offer to help when they call you to assist. Certainly a good way for non-singers to get in on the fun too.

The usual reminders were made to see Nick or Steve Murane regarding selling tickets; Tom Kraus about selling program ads; Ike Evans for new photos.

There was word announced of a paying job lined up by Bruce Lauther for the chorus on April 23rd – so mark your calendar.

Secretary Buechler presented the following membership cards: Bob Rhome for 7 years; Brad Jones , 16 years; Dennis Ritchey, 16 years; TJ Jones, 17 years; Gerry Levine, 21 years; Terry Jordan, 44 years and 8 Men of Note; Bob Wachter, 56 years and 12 Men of Note.

The usual guest announcement routine and welcome song preceded the break. There were lots of goodies left from the weekend, including pie which got gobbled up first!

After break, there was a review of “Lady of Spain” including all the front row antics; and then a few minutes on realigning the chorus. Evening ended with more solid work on contest songs. And the admonition to work on music at home; AND to take note of what is being planned for next Tuesday nite when you get the schedule via email mid week.

It was Ken White’s nite – he also won the raffle and directed the send off song.

Until next time – editorjack!