Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking Back on the June 8th Chapter Meeting

We met at Jeff-Houston school, adjacent to Durant, this week. So there were a few adjustments in using a different space. No coffee, but goodies thanks to those who brought things to share!

Even the Harmo truck needed a “jump” to get it to start. But drivers Howard Nestlerode and Bob Blair got it going and over to the hall. Chapter members jumped in and got things set up and ready for a riser call at 7!

There was a FRIENDS meeting tonite also.

Tony did the vocal warm ups and included drills on quality soft singing and worked on a revised hand move to go with the music.

The Men Of 10 have new purple shirts to go with their class bandanas! Looking sharp men.

When Director Joe got to the front, he started with accolades about ticket sales and thanked all those who took him serious and bought tickets (if they didn’t sell any) for Joe to give to students and music educators. He also announced that an anonymous Harmonizer has bought 20 tickets and given them to the district Harmony Youth camp program.

In a continuation of giving, Joe thanked a donor of gift cards for him to use as he thought appropriate to recognize guys in the chapter. This time he chose a leader who went beyond the call – Chuck McKeever. Chuck is a visual trainer and coordinator of pre-rehearsal sessions and quad work. AND he took on the annual chorus retreat again. Thanks Chuck. (And thanks Ellen for the support.)

To start off the singing portion of the nite, Joe had the guys get into voice part sections on the risers and launched into “Stars and Stripes” in preparation for the June 27th show. He encouraged those guys who had prepared word cheat sheets to help themselves. And he asked all to have the words down soon. YeEd has just gotta add – wow it is fast, geez there are a lot of words, and man, does it sound good!

Joe confirmed that the gig is "on” for the morning of July 4th in Philly to do a TV spot with “Stars and Stripes” too. He will narrow down the 25 singers that can do it next week.

When they finish “S & S” Joe had the guys walk back to their regular risers spots doing the intro to “Summertime” which will also be on the June 27 show. It was fun to see all the new guys absorb the moves and emotional plan from those guys who knew it from the past.

Joe also had the men sing other songs for the show – “God Bless The USA,” “Great Day” and “Meeting Here Tonight.”

Then it was time for serious work on the uptune with moves (including some adjustments to the plan and review of the adjustments from retreat).

Before break, Mark Klostermeyer listed all this week’s birthdays. And reminded all about the extra rehearsal this Thursday at 7 pm at Jeff-Houston. He also did a bandana check for the class of 2010! One guy went running to his briefcase to get his, but all had them to show!

Secretary Buechler welcomed newest member Jack Stonesifer. And then presented membership renewal cards to the following: Don Dillingham, 2 years; Patrick Kim, 3 years; Nick Murane, 5 years; Tim Buell, 6 years; and Jim Lake, 17 years.

Dan O’Brien, our hard working membership guy, welcome Daniel Secco, from Brazil, who is a student staying at Lew Klinge’s.

After break, the chapter meeting period continued. Sandy Stamps, FRIENDS president presented a cash gift to CRUNCH TIME (Eric Wallen) for their trip to Philly. Also the FRIENDS group gave President Newton a cash gift for the chorus. Many thanks to those who help raise the monies and cheer for us at contests and shows.

Rick Wagner alerted all of us who are hosting Westminster chorus members in our homes that he has details for us as to arrivals and such.

Ken Fess spoke briefly about the show too. If you need tickets, contact him. He may need some help blanketing GMU to get students to the show. And if you wish to ride the one-way bus to Philly, see Bruce Lauther.

Terry Reynolds, music and performance vp, reminded all of this week’s extra rehearsal and the extra rehearsal on Thursday, June 24th.

The second half of the evening was mostly work on the ballad with Geri Geis who had come in to help us. Thanks to Royall for coming too!

The excitement level and quality was so high, Joe didn’t want to stop. We sang right up til 10:10 or so, then hurried to put things back on the truck and escape the school to go to the afterglow at 815 S. Washington.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)