Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking Back on May 5th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on May 5th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

It was Election Day for the city of Alexandria and Durant was a polling place. So we met in the cafeteria of Jeff Houston School that is part of the Rec Center complex. Seems most of the new guys found it.

The set up crew had done their work early as there was a ton of show props and set and the black wooden platforms (instead of risers) to set in place. And Producers Fess and Stamps had marked the floor for cues for equipment and people. Ritchey went home about 7:15 to continue “making” the taxi for the stage. Scott Kahler and Ian Poulin had the sound stuff set up and it helped make the evening flow with cues for the show, better sound for directors and producers.

Tony worked the chorus hard for an important warm up. The troops were “hot” last nite – a few word things on newest of songs but some great singing.

Director Joe jumped right to work with the chorus to drill more on the contest package –including the new ballad. It is powerful and the troops are far along with it even tho they are only in their second week with it.

The pre-break meeting period included recognition of Dick Hall who received his 45 year membership pin from the Chapter Secretary Buechler, and Dick Newton who received his 25 year pin. As usual, the chapter continues its tradition of honoring long time members. Chris also told me that Rocky Ebener renewed and is in his fourth year. Rocky mostly sings in quartets for the Valentine project for the chapter.

Dan O promoted the May 12th guest nite and offered ideas on how men could use the various tools to promote attendance – such a using the “forwarding” button on the bottom of the recently released ECHO to send it to guys you want to contact. It was agreed that we would all wear some kinda Harmo shirt that nite too.

Phil Ferguson was introduced as the newest member of the chapter. He is new to barbershopping but has a degree in music and has lots of experience with recording. We sang the traditional Harmonizer Welcome song to him at the “Hark” signal.

There was a brief break period for turning in tickets, talking over costume ideas for the guys, and some tag singing in the corner. The Nelsons brought in some terrific goodies again and as usual, they were consumed in record time. Each one was better that the other including the pizza rolls, cookies and chocolate treats.

The chapter meeting included a good bit of details about the Spring Tonic this weekend at Annandale High School. There is a tech rehearsal Wed nite, dress rehearsal Thurs nite, then show time on Fri at 8 and Sat at 2 and 8. The chorus was given (and later emailed) reporting times and costume lists and song lists. And even a map for the school. Joel Golden seemed to have that all under control. Steve Murane gave a thorough report of how we have done selling show tickets. We didn’t do so hot for Friday nite, but main sections for Saturday shows are sold out! All sales from Tuesday nite on will be at the door. There are plenty available.

Tuesday was the last chance to buy tickets for the afterglow on Sat nite after the Tonic. It will be at McGill’s Famous Pizza and Buffet, 7201 Little River Tpike, Annandale. You can indeed get tickets at the door from Mike Schwartz.

Reynolds plugged the all-important self-evaluation taping program. He asked singers to get in a tape they think will pass right away. The taping process needs to be done in preparation for the retreat. That by the way is coming up June 6 and 7 at McDaniel College in MD.

President Brad gave a report on the Vegas trip plans. He announced that Bob Mattes has volunteered to write “The Next Ten Year” chapter for our history book. What good news. (Ye ed spoke to Bob and learned that he has book writing experience from work in a variety of formats.)

Brad also gave a You Make a Difference Star to Steve Murane. (Ye ed also noticed that some previous recipients are wearing their star pins on Tue nites. That is cool.)

Quartet Promo guy, Ken White, hinted that we have a record number of quartets in division contests this year. And not all of them are in our own Southern Division. In fact, we have an entry in all five division contests. Last weekend, WHO IS THAT OLD GUY sang in the Northern Division – Scott Kahler (on tenor), Joe Cerutti Sr. and Joe Jr., Eric Wallen.

Second half was all music and show work. The Tonic is gonna be a great one. The chorus is ready and the speaking parts and soloists and quartets are too.

At ten, we quit working on the music and loaded all the show stuff in the truck again for this coming week. Luckily we can unload it Wed nite (there was a crew solicited to do that) and leave it all there til we load up Sat nite to leave.

Joe Sawyer directed KTWWS. Heard he is about to graduate from college this coming week.

All the usual suspects arrived at 815 S. Washington for the Tuesday nite afterglow.

Until next time – editorjack!