Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking Back on the Dec. 28th Event and Jan. 4th Chapter Meeting

Altho YeEd didn’t get to attend the BLAST in Dundalk/Baltimore area on Dec. 28th, sounds like there was a good crowd of Harmonizer folks there – about 25 or so. Ryan Griffith, who is also a member of the host chapter Dundalk, was chair of the event. Lots of our guys sang in the quartet contest and reports are that several Harmonizers were in the prize winning quartets. CAPRI judged the contest and sang a set for all to enjoy. District champ quartet, TOUCHSTONE, sang -- Steve White is bass. Also DA CAPO sang with Tony Colosimo, Wayne Adams, Joe Sawyer and Ryan Griffith. TRIBUTE sang with Tony and Ryan too.

This week’s meeting was our first then for a couple weeks at Durant. Good crowd. We all missed Director Joe who is in England coaching our fellow barbershop harmony singers there.

Terry Reynolds, music vp, had things well organized. Tony Colosimo was director for the work sessions. Will Cox did the warm up sessions. Terry gave the guys a fun treat and played the FRED version of “That’s Amore” for all to understand the comedy lines. (Scott Kahler was in charge of AV duties this week.)

Geri and Royall Geis were present this week and she spent a chunk of time explaining and helping the guys develop the mindset needed for the 2011 contest package. In summary, she reminded the guys to view “Carousel” and understand the character of Billy Bigelow. Newcomers were also encouraged to get onto the member website and read the cover letter explanation she has provided.

She adjourned to the lobby with the front row to teach them the newly developed visual plan for “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Meanwhile Tony took time to refresh guys on a few of the repertoire songs. Then Geri came back into the main hall to teach the rest of the chorus their moves for “Stars and Stripes.” It went well and the front row joined in after a bit and we put it all together. It will be a crowd pleaser even more than when we just sang it for audiences.

The before break chapter meeting period was called to order by operations vp, Mark Klostermeyer. The 2011 officer team has introduced a plan to use the computer to project announcements this year – the HarmoTron for all to see during the nite. Secretary Buechler presented a 15-year membership renewal card to Scipio Garling.

New president Steve Murane acknowledged the work of the 2010 board and had them stand for a round of applause. Then he thanked his 2011 board for jumping into action fast and getting plans made for an exciting year! He plans to send his goals-for-the-year letter via email to all of us. Jan. 19th is the next board meeting. These meetings will be every third Wednesday at Durant at 7 pm. Our chapter board meetings are open to any Harmonizer.

New membership vp, Phil Ashford, introduced the guests with help from Rob Korsan, who had signed them in early in the evening. Victor Hills’ brother, Richard, (home from college) attended. As did a guest who had been with us about a year ago and came back to get back into the mix with us after going thru a job search. Also a barbershopper from the area was present to check things out. Cheers went up when John Pence came in. Great to seem him back after his health battle.

During break there was the usual rush to get some goodies and coffee, settle up on White House Ornaments, line up a quartet for a guest audition, settle in on some quartet options for the spring round of contests, confirm registrations for Kansas City International with Bob Rhome, buy scrip cards from Dick and Carolyn Hall, and get the screen up for the second half of the rehearsal.

Following break, there were sectionals on the contest package. And then Tony worked for about a hour on the songs with the chorus.

Terry Reynolds closed the work session with good news about coaches scheduled for next year, including a confirmation of David Wright coming.

This Saturday is the hospital sing at INOVA, 4320 Seminary Rd. in Alexandria. Business casual. Meet in lobby at 7 pm. Right after the sing, the chorus is invited to a Heat Glo (or afterglow) at Jack and Pat Pitzer’s home. Address is 7801 Suffolk Ct., Alexandria, VA. Just off Telegraph Rd. by Hayfield Hi School. Bring finger foods to share. Significant others are welcome to assemble in the hospital lobby or go on to the Pitzer’s and wait for the guys to get there. Call Jack if you have questions – 703-627-9424.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)