Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looking Back on the September 6th Chapter Meeting

(Many thanks to Alan Wile for taking notes for this report. YeEd)

We met tonight at the Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School (in the development that once was Cameron Station) because of scheduled work on the floor of the Durant Center. We met in a mini-auditorium … and it got a bit “humid” over the course of the evening. Although the Harmo-truck was there, the risers were unnecessary, given the fact that the room had built-in “terraced steps.”

At 7:00 p.m. VP-Operations Mark Klostermeyer (K-12) called the (30+) Harmonizers to take their places. Assistant Director Tony Colosimo conducted the warm-up as our numbers increased, before relinquishing his position “out front” to Master Director Joe Cerutti.

Keith Jones quietly took attendance, while our ever-faithful Ellen Dellert spent the evening with us, as did Mary Anne Cleaveland.

Director Joe spent nearly half an hour working us in sections on the “Hallelujah Chorus,” followed by a few minutes on “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” Next, he worked the chorus on “Ob La Di, Ob La Da,” “No More Sorrow,” and “Stars And Stripes Forever.” Leads and basses were “invited” to leave to get portions of “S&S” right.

The opening chords of “That’s Amore” were less than pleasing to Joe, and he asked Tony to take over on that one. And Tony did … for about 20 minutes … really working out the musical elements … with help from Chuck McKeever and TJ Jones on the choreography. Joe then rehearsed the chorus on “Great Day.”

VP-M&P Terry Reynolds stressed the need to be at our next two rehearsals on time and ready to perform as we have a lot of ground to cover (and perfect) before our show on September 24th.

Chapter Secretary Chris Buechler presented Jack Cameron with his new membership card … celebrating his 42 years in the Society.

Ian Poulin announced that members will shortly be able to pay for tickets, etc., electronically, that he’s taking over scrip sales (for which we’ll be able to use credit cards), and that he has show afterglow tickets available for $20 each.

Fall show producer Brian Ammerman noted:
• The Hylton fall calendar lists only three shows, only one of which features great singing – ours! He’s designed the show to include themes of love, romance, and heartache … but also has a happy ending.
• Tickets – Need to get those seats filled!!!! Last chance to get your ticket requirements met by Brian: get your needs to him by this Friday at 2:00 p.m. if you want him to get them for you (for delivery next Tuesday night) … or deal directly with the box office.
• See Ian for afterglow tickets.
• Nick Leisersen is taking ad requests for the show program book up to this Saturday!
• Props: Still some needs – e.g., a park bench; two small “cafĂ©” type tables; two children (about 10-12 years old).
• Uniforms: blue and yellow shirts; blue, yellow, & black ties; black suit; white tie, vest, tails, etc. Be sure all are clean, bright, and ready. Possibly tear-away vests. More to come.
• Chorus call: 10:30 sharp on Saturday, 9/24 ‘cause we have a lot to do before getting dressed/made-up.

For the last time Bruce Lauther took medals for engraving and orders for DVDs of the Carnegie Hall performance. President Steve Murane reminded that the Board will meet Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Durant Center and announced that he would be taking reservation forms for the China trip tonight and that Bob Blair would be doing so next week – all checks are to be made out to “Alexandria Harmonizers.” Jack Cameron distributed international contest pictures to members of the chorus.

Terry Reynolds asked that EVERYONE bring their tear-away vests next week to practice using them … and to see if it will be feasible to use them in the show. Those without them need to see Uniform Coordinator Tom Kern.

VP-Membership Phil Ashford introduced three first-time guests (amazing that they actually found us at this rather remote and unique meeting venue): Joe (whose mother and grandmother both sing with Pride of Baltimore Sweet Adeline Chorus); Dave (who sings with and is the membership VP for the Arlington Good Times Chorus of Arlington, TX); and Ross (who is with the Air Force and just assigned to the area). Tony Colosimo directed the Harmonizer Welcome Song … followed by a very brief break.

Returning to the pseudo-risers, Joe directed “I’ll Be Seeing You,” “What Do I Need With Love,” and “Hello My Baby” (with emphasis on the choreography and help from Chuck McKeever and TJ Jones).

Finally, Noah Van Gilder “took us out” as he directed “Keep The Whole World Singing.”

YeEd says thanks for news about a put-together quartet that sang for a retired choir friend of Randy Lazear’s birthday. Randy got the call and since his quartet, FOUR MAN VOCAL BAND, was not available, he asked Bob Blair, Mike Swartz and Mike Kelly to join him to do the gig. Even tho the honoree has lost his voice and speaks only with a synthetic voice box, he mouthed the words to a couple songs the foursome sang. Great to have guys out representing our chapter and the barbershop society. They sang some barberpole cat songs and a couple current chorus numbers.

Fun to sing the new holiday song arranged by Jay Giallombardo. FYI he has returned as director for the New Tradition Chorus in Chicago.

Our guys in TBD sang a gig with the DC Chapter as guest for the Alexandria Singers on their show at Market Square on Sept. 10th. Bill Collosimo directs the DC Chapter and the Singers.

Don’t forget to wear your (or a) name tag at all Harmonizer functions. Maybe keep it in your barbershop briefcase. It helps the guests and newer members!

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)