Thursday, June 5, 2008

Looking Back on June 3rd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on June 3rd Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Lots of activity around the hall, as usual, with SP classes, front row, unloading the Harmo truck that came back from the weekend show in Lancaster, distribution of the Harmo watches, picture sales for Nashville, and shirt sales for Nashville. But right at 7 pm things started with some good music for doing exercises to. Then the chorus had a solid warm up session.

Terry Jordan spoke briefly about the road to contest and medals and our 60th year as a chapter. He will be missing some weeks following an operation on Wed. to make sure they got it all the first time, on his back. He did speak with me that the plans are still rolling for a chapter anniversary potluck and talent review in August. So stay tuned.

Then Director Joe and his staff worked on some non contest songs like “I’ll Be Seeing You” “Almost Like Being In Love” “Music of the Night” and “God Bless the USA.”

During the evening I learned that Sam McFarland has been promoted to International president of AHSOW (Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders). AHSOW is an affiliate of the BHS. Ask Sam about it. I know they usually have a place at the International convention for woodshedding.

The past weekend events at Western Division contest and M-AD send off involved a bunch of our guys.

Mic tester quartet was RINGERS with Mike Pinto. In the contest there were four quartets with our guys – SURPRISE! with Minnick and Hirsh; CLASSIC CONNECTION with Mattes and McFarland; TEMPORARY INSANITY with Flynn; and INGTERROBANG as a college quartet with Patrick Kim and Tom Kraus along with former member Will Mudd Simmons who is in college in KY and one of his barbershop buddies from there James Pennington.

Sunday on the send off show, Rick Taylor sang with OLD SCHOOL, Pinto sang again with RINGERS, the Wallens and Colosimos sang with LAST KIDS PICKED. Eric Wallen’s new college quartet, CRUNCH TIME, and who will be going to Nashville to compete, sang as well.

Both Dundalk Chorus and the Harmonizers sang on that show. Mike Kelly was MC and Terry Jordan took over, so Mike could change into a chorus outfit, and announced our guys.

Before break Tuesday nite, the chorus had sectionals to work on the ballad. When the singers came back into the main hall, they worked on “Second Star” “From This Moment On” and “Peter Pan Medley.”

During the meeting time, President Stamps announced the recent passing of John Reisinger who sang in quartets with Bob Wachter for over 25 years. He also told the chapter of the recent stroke suffered by Fred King.

Ops VP Rhome let all the chairmen for Nashville details make a plugs – breakfast tickets from K Jones, shirts from Day, uniform from Kern (NOTE: Tom will be gone the week before Nashville, so be sure you have you stuff you will need!).

Some also gave a plug for all guys to mark their calendars for our FALL SHOW, Sept. 26 and 27.

Secretary Buechler was firm in telling all those who need to renew their membership before appearing on stage in Nashville to do so this week electronically – and if you have questions, call him.

Martin Banks was presented a 25 year pin and Rick Savage presented a 35 year pin.

Then the secretary handed out renewals to a long list of guys: Kujawa for 5 years, Berkey for 11, B Miller for 12, DePuy for 19, Lucey for 20, Buechler for 23, Eckman for 24, Plaag for 24, K Jones for 21, Cotton for 33, Nestlerode for 33 and Dick Hall for 44 years.

Roger Day introduced the guests.

The coffee pot returned and so we had coffee and goodies for break.

After that the chorus worked the rest of the evening on the contest package and some staging effects for the ballad were added.

Everyone was encouraged and ready for the retreat this weekend in Westminster, MD, at the college. Famous coach and arranger, David Wright, will be with us for the weekend.

Until next time – editorjack!