Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking Back on April 28th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on April 28th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Before the 7 pm start, Durant Rec Center was hoppin. People with speaking parts for the show were in the back room rehearsing. Front row was workin hard in the lobby to review all the old song routines that have been brought back for the show. Stage presence coaching was provided on the stage for new guys and those who want to review the “big” songs. Afterglow tickets were on sale for $12. Show tickets sales and money turn-in was also happening.

The black platforms, actually made by Dennis Ritchey (not Bill Stewart as I reported last week) were taken off the Harmo Van and put in place.

So when the clock struck 7, Will Cox started the warm ups. And when he finished, Director Joe jumped into action on “Star” for the show. He chose octets of guys to come off the risers and do the song down front. That put some guys on the spot and helped all see what level of work is still needed. Second week guest, Phil, was actually chosen and he held his own in the lead section. Joe took the chorus thru several runs with soloist Ken White on this sing.

The other speaking parts also did their lines and producers Fess and Stamps walked the group thru the staging of the show. Mankin, Wagner, Hillier and Huber have important speaking parts that we saw in action.

Next Joe went to work on the new ballad “You Tell Me Your Dream” to be used for Anaheim. It is a powerful number and the Harmonizers will give it such meaning and energy.

The membership time was used to introduce guests and give a plug for the guest night set for May 12th. Dan O is hoping we will have as many guests as last time, so everyone has gotta get out and ask someone. He encouraged guys to use any and all of the electronic tools and paper products to promote the date.

Dan introduced members John Hohl back from Florida and Larry Walker who is singing in a bit in the show. Former member Doug Abt, who has moved and joined the Culpepper Chapter, also was introduced.

Break time was busy as usual. There were homemade goodies again from the Nelson kitchen. They were a hit as usual!!

During break I confirmed that Noah Van Gilder is singing in a quartet in the Atlantic Division with three guys he knows from New York. They are called ECHO CHAMBER. That contest is May 15 and 16, in DE someplace, I think.

Announcements during the meeting after break included a reminder that next week we will meet in Jeff Houston School, next door. For new guys, there is parking behind the Rec Center and that is the main entrance we use when we are meeting in the school.

DePuy asked for volunteers for unloading and helping with things for the show.

Rust asked for a couple more guys to offer sleeping space for Manhattan Chapter members who volunteered to help us with back stage show stuff during the TONIC.

Reynolds promoted the taping program for guys planning to compete in Anaheim.

Stamps asked guys to email him about the costume character they are planning to be for the New York street scenes in the show.

Hunter clarified that a corrected version of the new ballad is on line. Discard other copies.

President Brad thanked Nick Aiuto, our website guru, for his all-nite session to get our site back up and running after it was attacked. Brad also confirmed dates of our Vegas trip to be June 8 -11, but as I understand it, not all of us will go. Stay tuned.

I saw a sign-up sheet on the table that Rust has put out for another school workshop – May 21st from 3:20 – 4:10 pm at F. C. Hammond Middle School. But there were no tenors who had signed up for. Help is needed.

Then back to the music and the second half of the show.

CAMERON STATION welcomed Drew Fuller to their ranks. They are doing a couple of songs for the show.

Speaking of the show: have you planned your driving route to the Annandale High School at 4700 Medford Dr.? And where to eat between shows on Saturday? Have you helped your customers figure it out? And for sure – sell more tickets! Plenty of seats still to fill.

Ian Poulin took us out at 10 pm and had everyone off the risers and in a circle to sing KTWWS. The gang adjourned to 815 S. Washington, as is now the custom. Lots of good eats were served up and then the tag singing began.

Until next time – editorjack!