Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking Back on the Oct 2nd Chapter Meeting

First off, the chorus worked hard on Saturday, Sept 29th for an all-day retreat at the Jeff Houston School next to Durant.  Director Joe Cerutti and his staff of directors (Tony Colosimo, Will Cox, Terry Reynolds, Mike Kelly) worked hard to make it a profitable day for all.  Former assistant director Chuck Hunter wrapped up the day with a special session helping us combine our efforts of head and heart to make the performance complete.

As usual the chapter admin team make it work well too. Thanks to community service vp Clyde Crusenberry, we were well prepared to cope with the city-wide event using all parking spaces.  And Clyde with help from Steve Lingo, the original pizza guy, managed a huge order and fed the gang!  Thanks also go to the truck driver and riser helpers plus Bob Rhome who made arrangements for the facility.  (We were happy to learn that we could avoid the rental fee if we cleaned up after the day, so everyone pitched in and made it just like we found it.)

Special fun during the noon hour: performance of MAYHEM who were in the building practicing for district; review of the 1995 contest performance video; and some time to review performances in China.

Speaking of the district quartet contest, we are proud of our 7 District qualifiers. Be sure to cheer these guys on and wish them the very best.

MAYHEM (w/ Kenny White and Mike Pinto),

ACME CHORD COMPANY (w/ Dan O’Brien, Paul Grimes, and Chris Yates),

MINT CONDITION(w/ Drew Fuller and Arthur Louis),

WHISTLE STOP (w/ Dan O’Brien, Randy Eliason, Phil Ashford, and Calvin Schnure),

 CHORD WORX (w/ Doug White, Tim Buell, Don Thompson, and Edris Qarghah),

OLD TOWN SOUND (seniors) (w/ Alan Kousen, Bob Caldwell, Bob Mattes, and Dave Welter),

YOUTH RECLAMATION PROJECT (seniors ) (w/ Mike Wallen).

MAD HATTERS (w/ Steve White and Rick Taylor) are the outgoing District Champs and mic-testers.

The rehearsal this week on Oct. 2nd was another hard working nite for the chorus in preparation for the district contest weekend, and a big show this Friday nite for the US Law group.

Chuck McKeever worked with new guys on stage before the meeting.  Will Cox did vocal warm ups.  Tony Colosimo reminded everyone about the five or so basic “craft maxims” we are using.  He also reminded us of the 5 points each guy needs to touch to be ready to sing – listening, posture, get in character, audiate with pitch, and do an awesome breath.  Reminder – your voice matters.

Geri and Royall Geis were with us and Geri added a layer of professional visual and emotional presentation to our recent hard work in musical presentation.  Associate director Tony was in charge of the singing as director Joe Cerutti was coaching in Germany.

Mark Klostermeyer conducted the chapter meeting.

He plugged the sales of Entertainment books being sold for $30 this year by Chuck Harner.  The chapter earns $5 for each book sold.

Jack Cameron worked on distributing and collecting payment for photos from the spring southern division chorus contest.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards: Steve Lingo for 5 years; Ken Henderson for 9 years; Terry Reynolds for 29 years; Phil Ashford for 35 years (he also got his 35 year pin from the chapter); and Jack Cameron for 43 years.

Membership vp Phil Ashford introduced the guests for the nite.

We had a good long break to get some refreshments and make purchases and sign up for things. Many guys were working with fellow chorus members in planning transportation for Ocean City.

Show producer Greg Tepe announced some important details for the Fri., Oct. 5 show including which entrance to use for the chorus to get into the gallery – we use the G Street entrance.  Call time is 8 pm.

Brad Jones promoted the silent auction for the holiday show.  There is a need to get good items to put on the block.  Brad is working to add an online component for this auction too.

YeEd offers some out-of-the-box ideas:

1. an appearance by TBD

2. an appearance by Capital Force

3. tax preparation

4. personal trainer coaching

5. hand crafted items made by members or their families

6. top quality decorated cakes or cheese cake

7. Cerutti coaching weekend

8. Harmonizer 2-hour show

9. Gourmet Dinner for four prepared by Cerutti and served by the Harmonizer front row

12. Some of the autographed quartet pictures in our archives we no longer need

12. Piano tuning

13. Piece of the Great Wall or something from China

14. Sell a Harmonizer show script from the past that was good -- ask Steve

15. Coaching session by Tony Colosimo

17. Appearance by any quartets

18. Auction a chance for a chorus to come visit DC, stay in homes of Harmonizers and we will sing someplace in the Metro area of note like at a Monument or famous church or theater

19. Sound team for a chapter show. Or sound and stage team/crew.

20. MC job for another chapter or a choir group

21. Any antique barberpoles guys have and don't have room for any more


Assistant director Terry Reynolds reminded all of the schedule coming up – next Tues regular time and place; Wed Oct 10th at 7 at Kena Temple, 9001 Arlington Blvd, Rte. 50.  New guys ask for a ride from others. And Metro riders should be sure to line up a ride too – no Metro stations anywhere near that location.

Then it was back to work on the contest package.  We did many things to help build our confidence and success in presentation. 

At the end of the nite, we also ran thru three of the songs for the Friday nite show.

The chapter leaders also plugged the Oct. 16th ALUMNI NITE  at Durant – usual time.  All former members are urged to attend and join in the fun and hear the contest chorus.

Conveniently, we are also holding our legally required annual meeting. Your votes are important, so please come and support the selection of our next team. If you are interested in running for an office, but are not on the slate, please notify chapter secretary Chris Buechler no later than October 9 so that ballots can be prepared per the chapter bylaws. There can be no nominations from the floor on the 16th. Anyone running the board must agree to serve and to participate in board meetings and chapter activities. If you have questions, please speak with the chapter secretary.

Proposed 2013 slate:

President - Alan Wile
Treasurer - Dave Welter
Secretary - Chris Buechler
VP - Operations - Bob Rhome
VP - Shows - Ken Rub
VP - Music & Performance - Brad Jones
VP - Marketing & PR - Scipio Garling
VP - Chapter Development - Mark Klostermeyer
Member at Large (two positions) - Josh Roots, Greg Tepe (Nick Leiserson and Troy Hillier will continue on from this year)

Immediate Past President - Steve Murane


We ended the nite after 10 and Geri directed KTWWS.  The whole chapter worked to get the risers put away and load the truck for the show and such.  A good crowd also went to the Hilton for an afterglow session.  The tag-singing-guys managed to get in a few tags too.

 Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)