Thursday, February 27, 2020

Looking Back on the Feb 25th, 2020 Chapter Meeting
The members arrived at the Scottish Rite Temple excited about the test to see how the chorus was doing on learning the new uptune as part of the recent chapter-meeting-nite-pilot to change what Tuesday nite is like for the Harmonizers.
Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted the warm up session for all the singers on the risers.
Then he invited the men to all take a seat on the risers and he sat on the floor to talk about the plan for the nite.  He stressed the desire of the music team to continue communication with the members such as has been driving the recent changes.  Tony spoke on behalf of the music team to share that they acknowledge there were concerns from segments of the membership – and he thanked those who had been brave enough to share or offer input. And also he shared that there had been a huge influx of positive responses and ideas for the program.
Almost all aspects of the pilot will be used in the continuation of how the chapter spends it’s meeting nite but there will be some changes. Again – the music team wants all ideas from singers.
Tony did share that the next song to be learned is “Defying Gravity” – it is a solo piece for Tony so all leads will need to choose another part to learn for this song.  Following that song, work will start on “Sweet Roses of Morn.” 
At this point the chorus was sent to sectionals on “42nd Street” with section leaders in charge to work on implementing the annotations from the music leadership for the song.  After about 20 minutes, the leads and baritones worked as a duet and the similarly the basses and tenors did dueting.
When these sessions ended, everyone reassembled in the main hall. Each section leader announced the names of invited members of his section who had been cleared for having shown evidence they were ready to take the risers.  As each man was invited to the risers, there was a one-clap applause. 
The result of the hard work by members was evident and there was cheering by all.  Tony thanked the singers and congratulated the men for their personal hard work.  He also reminded all that coach Steve Scott will work with the chorus on Tuesday March 3rd.
Communications director Steve Murane conducted the chapter meeting portion of the nite.  He began by reporting that the chapter’s Youth Harmony Festival for March has been cancelled.
 Anyone who needs new Harmo gear with our logo on it should contact Robyn Murane – especially those who might need a new or replacement or extra black short sleeve camp shirt.  For those of you going to Harmony U this summer, it is wise to have at least one extra Harmo shirt to wear there. Robyn suggests that every now and then Land's End runs a special promotion that gives us free shipping. If you're interested in the black logo camp shirt, all she needs is your size. Get in touch with her soon.
The first of monthly social events organized by chapter  membership director Jacob Broude for Harmonizers and  their friends and family on Friday, Feb. 21st at Caboose Commons (Brewing Co.) was fun!  You missed out on some fun stories and some scoop about things going on in the chapter and a hint at the new contest ballad to come!!! 

The next social will be April 4th where Riptide, the rock band with several Harmonizers, will be appearing at 2 Silos brewing Company in Manassas.

A Night at the Theater is also being organized - Tyson's 1st Stage is putting on a production of the infrequently staged off-Broadway musical "A New Brain".  This may be familiar to the some among us, because "A New Brain" was the musical that our uptune "Heart and Music" was in.  Clark Chesser is organizing a theater night to see this on Saturday, April 18th, the show starts at 8pm.  NOTE THIS CHANGE IN DATE. It’s a fairly small venue, and tickets start at $42.  However, 1st Stage of Tysons offers group discounts as follows: Group 10-15 - $33 ea, Group 16-20 - $30 ea, Group 21+ - $25 per ticket. If you are interested, contact Clark at  Deadline is Monday, April 6th, so we can get the tickets ordered.

Harmony College East was announced and members were encouraged to check out the chance to attend this weekend school and fun experience in our own district.  It’s at McDaniel College in Westminster MD. Classes for personal improvement are a big part of the weekend.  And there are coaching options for quartets – a good start for up-and-coming quartets.  Go to /HCE to check it out, and register.

President Stan Quick welcomed our newest member, Michael Berkson, who passed his audition last Tuesday nite.

Stan also reported that BETTER TOGETHER quartet took second prize at the Harmony Sweeps event on Saturday nite Feb. 22 at The Birchmere in Alexandria. Here is a summary of  that event submitted by reporter Bill Colosimo:

Countless Harmonizers, past and present, were on hand to cheer for our own BETTER TOGETHER quartet with Anthony and Elizabeth Colosimo, and Heather and Andrew Havens, The quartet presented a10-minute set of four powerful pieces.  Their performance, appearing first among the total of eight groups, merited a well-deserved “silver medal” second-place finish.  First place was awarded to Ember, a contemporary a cappella ensemble from Baltimore.

In addition our friends BETTER TOGETHER, a local SAI quartet UP ALL NIGHT was among the contestants. Most of the remaining contestants were contemporary a cappella groups featuring heavy reliance on vocal percussion, featured soloists.

Our Mid-Atlantic BHS friends, FORECAST, last year’s Mid-Atlantic Sweeps winners and National Sweepstakes runners-up, were the “hosts,” and sang to open and close the event.   Many Harmonizers were in the enthusiastic crowd, including winners of the “traveled farthest winners” –  the Wallen clan (Mike, Eric, and crew)!

Secretary Chris Buechler presented a membership renewal card to Scott Beach for 10 years.

Ben Watsky welcomed singer guest Scott Seki who had sung in Hawaii and California.  He is locating to the DC area.

After a break, the chorus reassembled in the main hall so that all singers could work with Tony as coach on “42nd Street.”  Then at 9:15 pm the chorus adjourned to sectionals followed by a repeat of the process to invite singers to the risers for “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” 

Before finishing with “Keep the Whole World Singing,” Tony thanked the section leaders and music listeners who had worked hard leading up this nite.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 71st year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd