Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking Back On May 27th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on May 27th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Many accolades for the work of the guys in the chapter and their partners and friends in hosting the Southern Division Contest. Lots of us had fun taking down the stage and drapes and poles and wiring in record time. Also a big thanks to the guys in the Fairfax Chapter who filled in while the Harmonizers were getting ready to sing as mic testers.

Director Joe took the mic right away after the early warm up session and thanked all those who worked, sang and helped this past weekend. And he led the cheers for the quartets and their successes.

And during the chapter meeting section of the evening, Ken White offered congrats to all the quartets. People were talking about how many quartets had Alexandria listed as a chapter for some one or all of the members. FULL TILT with Ed Cazenas, Nick Aiuto, Pete Frank and Steve White too first place. PRIME TIME with Bob Sutton, TJ Barrangar, Gary Plaag and Ken White came in at second place. BACHELOR PARTY with Mike Fasano, Greg Tepe, Ken Rub and Terry Reynolds took third place. YOUTH RECLAMATION PROJECT with Mike Wallen singing lead were fourth place.

DOWNTOWN with Drew Fuller on tenor and Kevin Flynn on bass were fifth place. FRiDAYS! with Dan O’Brien, Bob Caldwell, Ken Ives and Steve Murane took seventh place. KING STREET with Eric Hughes, Brad Jones, John Hohl and Kyle Blomgren were eighth place. CAPITAL A CAPPELA had Kevin Flynn on bass and were thirteenth.

The chorus scores, tho unpublished as mic testers, were good and the music team was pleased with the results. They and the chorus members were also happy with the coaching session provided contestants by the judges.

As usual other chapter leaders were working to make things go well – Dennis Ritchey and Terry Jordan did MC work during the weekend. Chuck Harner was helping run things as district officer in charge. Dixie Kennett did the lights and Mike Kelly was working in the sound booth.

James River, VA, Chapter won first place overall in the chorus contest and Ian Poulin, one of our guys, sang with them. And yes, there were some of our members who sing in other choruses who were there in Richmond and DC and maybe others.

The mic tester quartet was LAST KIDS PICKED with the Wallens and Colosimos.

Back to the singing time, the chorus worked on “Clap” and some adaptations to the SP.

Then coach Stephanie worked with the chorus on the contest package too.

After that there was time to run thru the up tune for 2009.

Back to the meeting, President Stamps thanked Southern Division chairmen and those who helped them: Keith Jones, Bill DePuy, Sandra Stamps, Chris Buechler, Bob Eckman, Gary Bibens and Audrey. The district chairman for the Events Team, Dennis Ritchey, also expressed his appreciation for the good support the chapter gave to running the contest.

Ken White also announced a couple quartets that will be competing this weekend at the Western Division Contest in Lancaster, PA. SURPRISE with Bob Hirsh and Bruce Minnick, and a collegiate quartet with Tom Kraus and Patrick Kim (and two guys from KY – one is former Harmonizer Will Mudd Simmons).

In prep for Nashville, Jack Cameron is taking orders for chorus photos. Roger Day is selling shirts with a special logo. Chris Buechler can order Lands End shirts or other items with the regular Harmo logo. See him next week.

And Mark Your Calendar – the annual open rehearsal and local send off celebration for the chorus will be Tues. June 24th at Durant. Rehearsal starts at 7 as usual. Then about 8 we will do our contest package a couple times. This is a great way for family and friends to see us at our best, especially if they are not gonna get to Nashville to cheer for us.

After the break last nite, CAMERON STATION sang one of their new songs—“St. Louie Woman.” Then Joe took the chorus thru a solid session on “Drunken Sailor” in prep for our singing this weekend at the International Send Off in Lancaster on Sunday.

There was one injury last nite – Dick Dangel got an elbow in the cheek just under his right eye. He was applying ice to keep down the swelling.

Can you believe Terry Reynolds won the 50/50 again? This time he did share!

Until next time – editorjack!