Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking Back on September 2nd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on September 2nd Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Tony did the warm ups this week – demanding solid attention to the work on the risers. This after a lot of the guys set up all the many things for a successful chapter meeting like mirrors, speakers, sound equipment, signs, screen, tables, guest chairs, props for packages, all the way down to Director Joe’s music stand.

He took over from Tony and offered some great reminders about messages of the songs we sing.

Before the meeting, there was word that there would be services for John Reisinger at Arlington Cemetery on Wednesday.

And a lot of the guys were sharing stories and information about the passing of our chapter friend, Fred King.

After a long session of work on songs, it was almost break time. It was great to hear the chorus working on “Happy Feet” again.

We missed Carolyn Hall as 50/50 sales person. She is at the Washington House for therapy after breaking her leg at our Market Square show. She is in Room 37. Her phone is 703-379-9000. Dick is hangin in there.

Member recognition included renewal cards to the following guys – Mattes for 10 years, Dangel for 16, McKeever for 22, Fess for 24, Wagovich for 27, Kelly for 28, Curtis for 29, Stamps for 29, Kauffmann for 36 and Jack Cameron for 39 years.

There were a lot of guests this week – former Harmonizers, potential singers to join us, and guys from other choruses. We gained a potential singer with a member of Westminster coming out to DC to go to college. Also heard that some guys who have been guests for a few weeks did well on their practice auditions after chapter meeting.

During break the guys attacked the snack table and took care of various business details.

Back to the risers for the chapter meeting with a long list of topics. Reminder for new guys to order make up kits or anyone who needs to replenish his kit. McKeever invited guys to visual classes on Sept. 11th at Durant.

Bibens needs a small chorus to sing with a local dance studio. Appears they got enough guys to raise hands and so we will hear more later. Brian Ammerman pleaded with the troops to get busy and sell tickets for the fall show.

Harner announced that the chorus will sing 15th at District contest. Quartets from our chapter at District will sing in the following spots: BACHELOR PARTY – 1st; PRIME TIME – 5th; OLD SCHOOL – 13th; FRiDAYS! – 14th; FULL TILT – 15th; LAST
KIDS PICKED – 18th; DOWNTOWN – 19th; CRUNCH TIME – 28th.

Chapter secretary Buechler announced the annual meeting of the chapter will be Sept. 23rd. He then asked nominating committee chair, Alan Wile, to report the committee’s slate. A quorum is needed on 23rd for the election.

Then it was back to singing – the whole second half was the used on the contest songs.

Until next time – editorjack!