Saturday, February 22, 2014

Looking Back on the February 18th Chapter Meeting

For the record, the chapter held sectional rehearsals for all parts on Saturday, Feb. 15th, in the music suite at First Baptist Church.  A good crowd of 65+ eager singers attended.  Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups. Associate director Tony Colosimo did the directing for combined work and gave the “assignments” for what the section leaders needed to work on during the 9 – noon event.  Bob Blair made arrangements with the church.  Coffee and brownies were a hit too. Music and performance vp Steve White welcomed everyone to this extra event. Based on good responses to the work day, Steve promised to plan another sectional workout in April.

Tuesday nite’s gathering at Durant was another full evening of singing and work by the leaders and the singers, as well as fun to meet new members, many guests and get a hot cup of coffee!

Chuck McKeever was ready early to teach the moves of “Miller Medley” on the stage at 6 pm and a big class attended. He also announced that he has prepared a written SP plan for that song – look for it to be published soon.

Floor dancers were hard at work in the lobby with choreographer Carlos Barillo.  They were working in teams with some of the men teaching other men the plan for “Miller Medley.”

The previously announced sale of old uniforms and costumes was held in the main hall, including the swap-n-shop table for getting rid of logo shirts from years of barbershopping.  It was kinda fun seeing the look of amazement when new members saw some of the wild uniforms we wore in the past.  And some new guys got a Harmo shirt to wear that nite. Some quartet guys snapped up four of everything for additions to future quartet outfits. Thanks to Tom Kern for the extra work in making the Harmo “yard sale” event happen.  He pledges to take all left-overs to Goodwill!

The Harmo history committee, headed by Martin Banks, did make sure to collect samples of former uniforms for the chapter’s historical collection.  (We are just a few years away from our 75th anniversary year.) 

Speaking of history – if you have files or photos or materials that help tell the Harmonizer story, offer them to Martin.  And if you are not quite ready to let go of them, be sure to mark them in some way so that your family knows to pass them on to the chapter some day! 

Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups with a full chorus on the risers. When director Joe Cerutti took reigns, he thanked all those who used the weekend sectional to advantage. He  then jumped right in to work on songs for this weekend’s appearance at SingStrong including a “freshen up” for “Anything Goes” including some revamp for the front row and a chance for about a half dozen men who had not sung with us in Toronto to practice the stage presentation.

After working on “Music Man,” Tony conducted another of his fantastic barbershop craft sessions!

All during the evening, show producer Greg Tepe and Carlos auditioned a steady flow of guys who wanted to try-out as possible emcees for chapter performances.

Operations vp Bob Blair conducted the weekly chapter meeting and continued his push to get men to wear their name tags!

President of the FRIENDS IN HARMONY, Sandy Stamps, announced that sales of scrip cards will resume next week.

Music and performance vp Steve White confirmed plans for another all-section rehearsal later this spring. And he announced a late-breaking request for another Youth Harmony presentation to fill a request from the music teacher at Francis Scott Key to meet their young men’s chorus, at 8 am on Fri. March 7. Sign up online tomorrow.

Shows vp Nick Leiserson announced that the SingStrong folks offered comp tickets for any of our singers who might want to attended other shows during the weekend’s a cappella festival.  Greg Tepe reviewed previously announced details for those singing on the show – 12 Noon chorus call.  Black logo camp shirt, jeans, comfortable shows and no medal.  We will meet in the Orchestra Room at South Lakes High School in Reston.

President Terry Reynolds reported health updates for Bede Bender and Rick Wagner, and told us about FIH members who had fallen on ice recently including Carolyn Hall, Connie Lauther and Jean Wachter.  Take it easy FRIENDS.

Terry asked any members willing to contribute funds to provide Angel Support for members to make the Normandy trip to let him know ASAP.

Finally he reminded us again “It’s Great to Be a Harmonizer” when singing with guys who have earned recognition as did Jeremy Richardson when he appeared on MSNBC recently as an expert witness regarding water quality issues in WV.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented a 25-year membership renewal card and pin to Matt Kahn, and a third Man of Note Award to Dan O’Brien. Other membership renewals went to Frank Fedarko for 12 years; Kevin Kaiser for 14 years; Chuck Powell for 20 years; TJ Jones for 23 years, and Dean Rust for 34 years.

 Go to see TJ up and about and improving after his serious fall in his home a few weeks ago.

Membership vp Jeremy encouraged members to invite any singers they meet during the SingStrong festival to our next open audition on Wed. April 9th.  Rich Hewitt introduced this week’s guests to the chorus and reminded those involved of an audition tonite for an applicant.  Two of tonite’s guests became applicants before the nite ended.

YeEd notes that the membership team has added a new approach for signing in our guests – a table next to the kiosk has two chairs and forms and pens for the guests to register in order to collect the correct contact info.  Jeremy asked us all to help with welcoming guests – both when not on the risers and when a guest is singing next to us where we can help him with the guest book, or help him with the vocal warm up phrases or make sure he knows about the break.

After coffee break, we worked on the other songs for Sunday afternoon, and then on our new music for Normandy.  Joe displayed approval of our musical progress on the songs and lots of comments from the chorus about these great songs. 

More Harmonizer good news!  MAYHEM has been invited to participate in the 2014 Mid Atlantic Harmony Sweeps  A Cappella Festival at The Birchmere in Alexandria on March 8th at 7:30 pm.  Let’s get a good crowd there to support them – besides it is a fun place for a Harmo social event. Birchmere is a dinner theater atmosphere, so go early to get food and a good seat.  General admission for $39.10 each. Here is a  link:


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 66th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)