Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking Back on the April 15th Chapter Meeting

The evening started like many others, altho a lot of the guys had to fight their way to Durant thru bad rainstorms and significant traffic backups. Coach Chuck McKeever worked on the stage to help guys with their moves for “Soldier” with choreographer Carlos Barillo helping him.

Assistant director Will Cox did the vocal warm ups. Good crowd again – there were some crunch times when some rows on the risers needed to shift so everyone could get in the right row.

He turned over the chorus to director Joe Cerutti who welcomed the four men accepted for membership at the Open Audition on Wed. April 9th.  Membership vp Jeremy Richardson thanked Joe and Carlos for doing the auditions, and Rich Hewitt for coordinating the evening.

We worked on songs for the Normandy trip – inviting the many guests to step off the risers while we did the visual plans a couple times. Ken Fess lead another history review to set the mood for our work in preparation for the shows we will do.

Before the break ,the music team did launch the “Make Me Better” program this week. Joe assured all that this is not program to eliminate any singers, but to provide all singers with  suggestions as to how well they are implementing the current vocal standards for the Harmonizers.   There were 12 or so “listeners” who had a clip board with a form to make notes for the volunteer singers.  Those volunteer singers faced the chorus so they could see Joe, the listeners face the volunteers.  We sang a portion of one song and did it for three batches of volunteers.  After the singing, listeners had a couple minutes to give feedback.  Joe used those minutes to review stage moves. Michael Gilmore helped coordinate the paper work with our current printer we have in the hall.

Operations vp Bob Blair conducted the weekly chapter meeting.  Steve Murane got to wear the “Oops I Forgot My Name Badge” sign.  And Stan Quick was the 7th person to shake hands of the mystery hand-shaker guy winning a new BHS t-shirt.

Quartet promotion chairman Calvin Schnure will have a different tag every week to teach any taggers at break or after the meeting.  Usually in the lobby at Durant. His project mean guys can do some tag-singing during the trip to France.

Marketing vp Noah Van Gilder took a straw poll about a possible sing out with the Ambassadors when they are here at the World War II Memorial, on June 20th at 6 pm.

ALERT: if you need any uniform parts you need to see uniform guru Tom Kern BEFORE April 26th.  That is a likely date when the back-of-the-building will no longer be usable for our uniform inventory. Also, get you new tie from Tom for the Normandy trip.   $7 each.

President Terry Reynolds reported that TJ Jones is getting around after his accident, but has also been busy with work.

Terry clarified the date for the 2014 Presidents Award Banquet – Sat. Feb. 7th.

Finally Terry presented a framed picture from our Toronto trip – the “75” scene with an inset of the medal. You too can have one – see K12.  Terry suggests that getting that photo taken on the fly was another reason why “It Is Great to Be a Harmonizer!”

The membership team welcomed a lot of guests – some family folks in town during spring break (funny since it was freezing outside).  Members Dave Reyno and Ross Johnson were in the house this week.  The FRIENDS IN HARMONY met tonite too in order to plan for their part of the WWI Tribute show May 17th at First Baptist Church on King Street in Alexandria.  (This is the same weekend as our chorus retreat to prepare for France.

Last Saturday all four chorus sections met at First Baptist to work on new music.

The remainder of this week’s rehearsal was used to get the new music ready to perform. In fact we did a two-show performance spot to get in the practice.

In other news, YeEd and Kevin Kaiser went to the Johnny Appleseed District Prelims in Pittsburgh this past weekend.  FRANK THE DOG quartet from our M-AD sang there for score and qualified with an 81.5% to earn a slot in the contest in Vegas this summer.  Our own Darryl Flinn sang in the winning seniors quartet – BABY GRAND.  Fun to see him and fellow Harmoniser, Joe Witmer, on stage with the Canton chorus.  Chatted with both of them and they send regards. HOT AIR BUFFOONS quartet was a riot, sang well and will be in Vegas for the International contest too. Kevin also sang in the Joe Barbershopper Mic Tester Chorus directed by Jim Bagby.

As part of the revision of Durant, things have to go a new place in the weeks ahead.  Coffee and refreshment supplies will fit under the stage.  Doug White has helped Jeremy get some rolling platforms to mount under the membership kiosk so it can roll on and off the Harmo truck each week.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 66th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)