Friday, December 11, 2015

Looking Back on the Dec. 8th Chapter Meeting

This week was another dress rehearsal with one of our fellow performing groups for the holiday show and we were on the stage at Schlesinger.  Positive Vibrations, Marilyn Moore and some members from the Pride of Baltimore SAI chorus joined us.

Earlier some of our men sang at the White House and TBD sang for the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree.  Great opportunities for our singers.

Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups and got us ready while director Joe Cerutti and shows vp Nick Leiserson worked on details with the other talent groups on the show.  Our sound guys were working to get things set too.

Actually, Positive Vibrations played a couple holiday songs for us while we waited for things to be ready for us to take the risers. Great to have them perform their music for us.

There was not a regular chapter meeting but some important announcements.  President Terry Reynolds reminded us all that there is a rehearsal on Thursday nite at 7 pm at Durant.

Robyn Murane explained the process of our getting our new holiday sweatshirts for the show.  Each guy should be certain to have paid the $10 fee to Steve Murane.

After the band and soloists left, we practiced our entrances and exits for the two segments of the show.

The chorus call on Saturday morning is 10 am.  Stay tuned for more specific details such as dressing room assignments, lunch planning, parking, other tasks you could volunteer to help with, and reminder of uniforms.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 67th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd