Thursday, September 6, 2018

Looking Back on the September 4th Chapter Meeting 

This week’s meeting and rehearsal was a full slate of work and accomplishment.  For one thing, the chapter tech team headed by Mike Kelly showed the videos that will be used on the stage for the 70-th anniversary show on Saturday.  And the music team worked with the chorus both on singing and presentation to help them be ready for Saturday’s big event.

It will be great!!

Before the chapter meeting, Robyn Murane and other volunteers helped issue and fit ascots for the singers. And during the second half of the rehearsal, the new uniform parts were used for practice.

 One of the guests for the nite was Jeanne Theismann, reporter from The Connection Newspapers.  She was working on gathering info for a story.  She was hosted by Walt Page and others who helped her get the story about our anniversary.

Director Joe Cerutti shared many details about the show and some of the significant highlights that will be presented. He reported that our guest quartet, SIGNATURE, will arrive on Wed of show week and spend the days traveling and visiting with schools in DC, MD and VA to tell them about barbershop harmony and to help the youth experience our kind of a cappella singing. Our director of education, Sheryl Berlin, is coordinating this activity.  This is the third time the quartet has been in the DC Metro area for us to promote the job of singing.

Chapter communications director conducted the chapter meeting and confirmed news that had spread thru out the hall that we have SOLD OUT the show!  Congrats to all.

The chorus call for Sat. has been moved to 11 am with the advice to have eaten some lunch before arriving and to bring something for an early dinner or fruit and such. There will be no meal break.  Chorus dressing area will be upstairs at Schlesinger.  NOTE the recent email to the chapter to prepare for traffic issues on Saturday with I395 repairs and closings.  

A uniform – what to bring – list will be issued via email.

There will be gift bags for guests and Stan Quick asked for help taking them to his car after the meeting.  Janet Cerutti and crew helped assemble the gifts.

Ken Rub was collecting the $35 payments for the Platinum Affair.

Harmonizers interested need to sign up for attending a Nats ball game with the Toronto chorus.

Joe Cerutti Sr. gave enthusiastic plugs for the soon coming shows in Art on the Avenue in Del Ray, Strathmore to reprise some “Harvey Milk” songs, and DC fundraiser show for canine care.

Brad Jones was present to collect deposits for the chapter’s trip to England in 2019.

President Shawn Tallant encouraged members to plan to go to Reading PA for the fall district contest to cheer for our quartets. Since our chorus is not competing, there will be lots of excitement for choosing the new representatives to go to Salt Lake City in 2019.

Shawn thanked all who attended summer Dog Days sing out in Manassas last week and wasn’t it great to see Bob Wachter there. Bob Wilson and Mike Everard both sent “go gettem” comments for the show to the chorus.  And the chapter did a video shout out to Alan Kousen who is at this home in Williamstown, MA.   

Membership team member Mark Klostermeyer welcomed guests Greg and Dylan.

Because we had so much to do, the meeting ran a little later than usual, but guys hung in and left fired up for the show!

Everyone is eager to see and visit with the many special guests who will be on the show with us.

Until next time – editorjack! 

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd