Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looking Back on the October 1st Chapter Meeting

This Tuesday’s work session before district contest was fueled by a fantastic extra Thursday nite rehearsal on Sept. 26th at First Baptist Church.  Director Joe Cerutti was working in Nashville, so associate director Tony Colosimo was in charge.  He teamed up with choreographer Carlos Barillo to make it a profitable work session.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds and riser coach Chuck McKeever were up front too as helpers and to keep the evening rolling.

Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups, assistant director Mike Kelly with help from Doug White had the sound and mics ready, and operations vp Bob Rhome coordinated the move in, truck unload and reloading, and announcements.

It was great to have special forces guys, Mike Wallen and Sean Devine, present with us. We all used our black coats and gold scarves and the front row practiced with the props.

Major announcement were about Ocean City:  chorus call time is 6:30 pm Friday, Oct. 4th at the Convention Center, Rooms 206 and 206.  Bring uniform and make up kits to dress after warm ups and some drills.

Thanks to music vp Brad Jones and librarian Bob Mattes for extra efforts to get together some special holiday music so our many guests can sing with us on Tuesday nites.  (But YeEd also suggests all of us need to be aware of helping guests that are invited to stand next to us on the risers.  Help them with the warm up words, help’em find the music, help’em know about coffee break and where the restrooms are.  Introduce them to other guys at break.)

Kudos to producer Greg Tepe for coordinating the Harmonizer “Let Us Entertain You” performances for about 120 guests at three retirement communities on Sept. 29th.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds directed the performances of the mini-chorus.

Thank you to: Drew Fuller, Troy Hillier, Ken Fess, Bruce Lauther, Steve Murane,Bob Blair, Chris Yates, Chris Buechler, Carl Kauffmann, Dick Dangel, Brian Ammerman, John Oswald Greene, Dave Welter, Gerry Fuller, Bob Rhome, Mike Schwartz, Brad Jones, Chuck Powell,  Clyde Crusenberry, Dean Rust, Alan Wile, Randy Lazear, Don Dillingham and Frank Fedarko.

This series of shows is part of a chapter outreach in Alexandria to provide entertainment for seniors. They were funded by a gift from the Alexandria Performing Arts Association when they closed their doors  – money that was provided for this very purpose. Joe Cerutti Sr. is coordinator for the chapter.

On Tuesday nite, Oct. 1st, director Joe Cerutti was on tap to do the warm ups and kick off the important rehearsal prior to the fall district chorus contest appearance.  We spent a little time on some holiday music first thing, and then got our coats and scarves and back on the risers to refresh and ignite the excitement of the package.  There are 100 guys planning to be on stage in Ocean City Friday nite Oct. 4th.  As mentioned above, chorus call is at 6:30 pm.

Mid evening, ops vp Bob Rhome conducted the chapter meeting beginning with reminders of tasks to accomplish during break.

President Alan Wile congratulated Joe on the review of his Joe’s book. Congrats to Joe:  His book “Visions of Excellence: A Dialog with the Finest Directors from the Barbershop Harmony Society” was reviewed by Dr. Scott Dorsey (ACDA's Director of Education) in the November issue of the Choral Journal (ACDA's monthly publication). If you want a copy, let Joe know.

Alan also reported that Jon Abel and Burt Steuve are doing better with their health issues.

Finally, Alan offered encouragement for the dozen or more members who have been hit by the government shutdown today.

Assistant director Terry Reynolds repeated the chorus call time on Friday nite in OC – 6:30 pm at the convention center.  Bring uniform and makeup to change after we do some warm up and reviews.

Quartet promotion chair Calvin Schnure called up the 10 Harmonizers singing in quartets this weekend – first round on Fri. nite at 5:30 pm.  President Wile assisted and presented each quartet with a card and financial support from the chapter.  A Harmo salute to all!

MAYHEM  - Matt Fellows, Pookie Dingle, Mike Pinto, Ken White

YOUTH RECLAMATION PROJECT – Mike Wallen, Roger Tarpy, Hardman Jones, Vic Owen

ACME CHORD COMPANY – Dan O’Brien, Chris Susalka, Paul Grimes, Eric Wallen

THE MONORAIL FOUR – Kellen Hertz, Phil Ferguson, Bobby Seay VI, Andrew Havens

Ken Fess, chair of Normandy trip in 2014, spoke about latest details with promise to publish an email to all.

Secretary Chris Buecher presented member renewal materials to Dave Kohls and his 3 year membership card, and a 32 year renewal card to Joe Wagovich.

Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Ken White welcomed a long line of guests including first timers, friends of members and prospective members, and singers visiting from other chapters.

After coffee break, we were treated to a demo set from THE MONORAIL FOUR.

And then back to work on the cost set.  Joe invited the guys who are singing with us this coming weekend and who did not sing in Toronto to come up front for a round of applause – Tom Griffith, Ken Fess, Bob Wachter, Rusty Orvik and Todd Ryktarsyk.

Joe also thanked the chorus men and their families for the extra efforts to make this coming Friday nite’s appearance work so well.  He was excited about the chorus enthusiasm and dedication.

We ended the extra warm evening with the usual KTWWS and then a push to get sound equipment and props into the Harmo truck for the trip to OC. Risers and rest to storage in Durante. 

A good crowd of guys made it over to the afterglow.

In other news, Cuevas Adamson, “house mother” for the Harmonizers at Durant years ago, died on Sept. 25th in Texas.  She helped us make Durant our home and welcomed the chorus guys, attended our events and family gatherings and stood up for us when needed.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)