Friday, November 9, 2012

Looking Back on the Nov. 6th Chapter Meeting

First off – the chapter meeting on Oct. 30th was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast.  Durant was closed. We have not heard that any Harmonizers had serious damage, thankfully.  We do know, however, that some of our fellow barbershoppers in NJ and NY were hit hard.

So after missing a week, everyone was ready for some barbershop on Nov. 6th – the election nite.  That meant Durant was a polling place, so we met in the adjoining school.  And we worked hard in preparation for the holiday shows. 

The parking lot was full behind Durant, but Howard Nestlerode got the Harmo truck in and a crew of guys jumped in to unload and set up the risers and av equipment we needed.  We used the projector and screen for all the holiday music.  And of course the mics for directors.

Will Cox did the vocal warm ups and turned over a big chorus for director Joe Cerutti to take thru the nite’s work and preparation.

First, Joe commented about the Sweet Adeline International convention with reports about some folks the chapter might know. And he stressed that we only have three Tuesday nite sessions left before the show (the extra rehearsal set for Nov. 15th has been canceled), and a dress rehearsal on Thurs. Nov. 29th.

Early in the evening, show producers and assistant directors met with the huge number of guys who have never sung in a Harmonizer holiday show to go over details, planning, uniforms ideas, and suggestions for that weekend.

And assistant director Terry Reynolds met with volunteers to be “monks” for this year’s show.

Our first singing work was on the new song for the show – “Sleigh Ride” – which we have sung in years past.  Sounds like there will be percussion devices used on the song too like sleigh bells and a clapping sound like a whip. 

Bruce Lauther and president Steve Murane honored special guests present with us from the George Washington Masonic Lodge group to thank them for their support of our chapter and especially our Youth Harmony Festival last spring.  We gave them framed photos and applauded their comments and pledge of future support.

Associate director Tony Colosimo did a brief barbershop craft session on breathing techniques.  It was a terrific lesson.

We then worked on more of the songs for the show.

Mark Klostermeyer conducted the weekly chapter meeting.  Secretary Chris Buechler presented new member materials to Jared Gollnitz and Carlos Correa.  Alan Kousen received a Man of Note Award for inviting Carlos to join. And then membership renewal cards to Ross Felker for two years, Clark Chesser for three years, Roger Day for 24 years, and David Welter for 36 years.

Josh Roots went over many details about the holiday shows, Fri. nite Nov. 30th at 7:30 pm and Sat. Dec. 1st at 1 pm and at 6 pm.  The shows are held at First Baptist Church, 2932 King St., Alexandria, VA.  There is plenty of free parking.  It is not close to a Metro station, tho. 

Saturday nite is basically SOLD OUT.  Saturday afternoon is nearly SOLD OUT.  And there are about 100 seats left for the Friday nite show. Keep selling them.

Everyone is asked to submit their costume plan to Scipio immediately.

Roger Day is coordinating the decorations for the hall.  He asked for more helpers and got some volunteers.  He also asked each member to wrap a large empty box with shiny gift wrap paper and bring them to the dress rehearsal on Thursday, Nov. 29th at 7 pm.

Jack Pitzer reminded each singer to bring 4 dozen colorful holiday cookies to use for the dessert platters.  The cookies should go to Jack on Thursday and/or Friday nites when you first arrive.

Brad Jones reported on the online auction and silent auction for the show.  Sales have already started.  He thanked all the guys for bringing auction items to him tonite – his car was packed!

After introducing the guests, including Don Harrington who was with us to help with the show, we were on break.  Some folks had brought goodies and left over Halloween things.  And of course Ian Poulin was swamped with guys getting their actual tickets to give out to customers.

Ken Fess was busy, too, collecting $50 reservation fees for each person going to Normandy France in 2014. Those reservation fees need to be given to Ken in the next week or so.

After break Chris Buechler offered to collect donations any guys wanna make to send to help repair the Ocean Grove Auditorium damaged by the Hurricane. The Harmonizers have sung in the historic auditorium several times over the years.

Package show producer Greg Tepe reviewed details for the Veteran’s Day sing on Monday Nov., 12th at Oakton Elementary, 3000 Chain Bridge Rd., Oakton. Chorus call is 8:30 am.  Riser crew needed at 8. Uniform is military uniform or suit and tie.

Craig Kujawa suggested that anyone who wanted to get a free lunch afterward needs to bring their military discharge DD214 or military ID. Details that day.

TJ Donahue took a head count for this week’s afterglow at Theisman’s.  We have started going there and it is working out well. We need to give them a count in advance.

Sam McFarland had handmade scarves on sale made by members of the Pride of Balitmore Sweet Adeline chorus.

After all the announcements, we worked hard til closing time on more of the show music, trying to apply the lessons learned from our craft session.

The whole chorus worked to take down and put onto the Harmo truck.

And before he let us go, Joe thanked the chorus for a great rehearsal and for doing their homework.  He suggested some important items to work on this week.  Mike Kelly asked the bass section to be at Durant at 6:30 next week for some extra work on a spot or two.

Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)