Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking Back on the March 20th Chapter Meeting

This was another hard working Tuesday nite meeting and rehearsal for the Harmonizers.  The weekly gathering of guys to work on Barberpole Cat songs was deferred to attending the choreo review session on the stage with Chuck McKeever at 6 pm.  About 30 guys – old and new members – attended and drilled the moves for “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

The Barberpole Cat Program sessions before chapter meeting at Durant has been a great success. According to music and performance vp Dan O’Brien, “We are nearing the halfway point for many guys on many songs on many parts. Guys who have little or no quartet experience have now sung in many quartets. Guys who simply enjoy singing in quartets and ringing chords have had more opportunity to do so. These are all good things. The program will continue.”

As is the new custom these days, the music team plays a barbershop song by a quartet or chorus starting at 5 til 7 to give the guys a signal to get on the risers.  And it is fun to see if anybody knows or recognizes the performers. This week it was Toronto Northern Lights singing “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” in contest.  This is the group we will be traveling in China with.

Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups.  And then right away, director Joe Cerruti welcomed our performance coach Geri Geis and Royall.  She taught the remainder of the moves and plan for “Sweet Georgia Brown” and then coached the chorus in facial support of the plan for “I’ll Be Seeing You”. While the chorus was working in the main hall, the front row was hard at work to revive the gold medal performance of 1995.

Joe had the chorus review “Great Day” and “Summertime” which we will sing for the guest nite chorus on March 27th.

Next he had the chorus review and perform “Hello My Baby” with the full plan.  He asked guys to sing it first and not worry about moves.  But YeEd enjoyed seeing the front row revive the hat routines and do the bicycle parts.

Operations vp Scott Kahler conducted the chapter meeting portion of the evening.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented new member Doug White with his Harmo name tag.  And Chris presented membership renewal cards to Noah Van Gilder for 5 years; Joel Golden for 7 years and Chris Huber for 20 years.

Membership vp Phil Ashford introduced our guests: Tom Frederick, Bob Griesemer and Logan Lenhart.  Logan back for his second time and the other two are applicants for membership.

We had a nice long break for refreshments, tag singing with the guests, quartet meetings for the many groupings headed for Southern Division in May, and checking the new riser chart.

The chapter meeting continued with an announcement about the chapter board meeting at 7 pm on Wed eve at Durant.  There was also a plea for anyone who might have an Ipad One that they don’t need now.  The chapter is interested in getting a couple.  See Scott Kahler or Ian Poulin. They will be used for ticket sales and such.  You can make then a donation to the chapter.

Phil Ashford briefed the chorus on plans for the guest nite next Tues, March 27th.  Bring someone who likes to sing.  Bring some goodies to share.  Wear a Harmo shirt and for sure your name tag and ISing button.  Shawn Tallant and Noah Van Gilder did a demo of how to use your “elevator statement” about why you are a Harmonizer when someone asks about the ISing button you are wearing.

Scott asked all to work on helping get youth to register for the Youth Harmony Festival we are hosting on April 14th  and to mark your calendar to attend and help as needed.  The chorus is slated to sing a brief show that evening.

President Steve Murane announced word that Len Dornberger’s son-in-law died recently after a fight with cancer. 

Then back to the musical program. Tony conducted another barbershop craft session.  This week’s very useful and educational topic was Every Breath Counts/Breath the Vowel.

Joe had good words about the craft sessions and how important they are to chorus  improvement. He also thanked everyone for making the extra effort to come at 6 pm for visual review with Chuck.

Next the four mini choruses worked for about 15 minutes on the contest package, each with a different assistant director this week.  We regrouped on the risers and performed “Georgia Brown”  with the new moves and lessons learned.

We wrapped up the nite’s singing on the “Jersey Boys” medley.  Joe reminded guys to be ready to audition soon for the solos in this package.  And he teased us with news that he has commissioned creation of another new medley.  But no more clues were given as to title!

Randall Eliason won the 50/50 and was invited to take us out on KTWWS.  He was generous to share his winnings at the afterglow over at the Hilton across from the King Street Metro.  The Harmo gang sat outside on the patio there this week.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)