Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking Back on the April 9th Chapter Meeting

This week’s meeting and rehearsal was another hard-work session.  As is the case this time of year, the front row was working hard in the lobby with choreographer Carlos Barillo and other guys were on the stage working with riser coach Chuck McKeever.


When the bell sounded to get us on the risers, the AV team played a gold medal song by the BLUEGRASS STUDENT UNION. 


The FRIENDS IN HARMONY were there too and left for their meeting at a nearby restaurant.


Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted the weekly vocal warm ups and then yielded the chorus to director Joe Cerutti who followed up on Tony’s class and stressed multi-dimension singing and proclaimed it was the new thrust for the Harmonizer development.  (Thanks to coach Tony DeRosa’s recent weekend coaching session.)


Before we got too far, assistant director Terry Reynolds made a few tweaks on the riser placements – mostly putting some visual team as end men on some rows, relocating some guys on the back row, and posted some guys who will have extra duties on stage during the uptune nearer the end of the risers.  He also helped the newer members and Special Forces guys find their spots.


Tony also conducted a barbershop craft session so that we could also use the craft maxims during our rehearsal.


We started working on the uptune and at one point, Carlos taught us a couple adjustments to the plan and then began work on the tag of the uptune.


Before break we took time for guys to make self-eval tapes and for guys to sing ‘live” for their vocal evaluators. Randall Eliason, faces coach, was out front helping us come alive on the face and with the eyes.


Before the meeting period conducted by Bob Rhome, quartet promo chair Calvin Schnure introduced ACME CHORD COMPANY to sing for us.  The quartet will compete at the International prelims contest at Seneca Land district (since they were unable to attend the contest in our own district,) Quartet is Dan O’Brien, Chris Susalka, Paul Grimes and Chris Yates.


Roger Day was in the house and invited all to stop by the sales table to order one of the 2013 Toronto polo shirts he had developed for us to wear.  He will be at the meetings the next few weeks.  The shirts will be $40 to be paid on delivery.


Randall announced that he is getting a block of tickets for the Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto while we are there.  See him if you want one of the $45 tickets. This price level will let you sing the National Anthems at the game.


President Alan Wile sought and got three or four volunteers to help with stage set up for the Southern/Western division contest which our chapter is hosting in Reston over the weekend of April 26-27.  Chuck Harner is our chairman for that event and has several team leaders who will also be seeking help for that weekend.


Alan also reminded us that RINGMASTERS quartet (2012 Intl. champs) will be on the TODAY show on Thursday in honor of the BHS 75th anniversary. 


And Alan reports that Rick Wagner is still under doctor care but feeling good.


There will be a board meeting on Wed. nite at Durant.


And everyone was reminded that there will be a recording session next Tues at First Baptist Church on King Street.  However, Joe noted that we will work a lot on the contest songs that nite too. So don’t miss it.


Secretary Chris Buechler presented a Man of Note Award to Carlos Barillo for bringing new member Mike Ibay, who received his new-member packet.


Mike Kelly promoted attendance at Harmony College East – a weekend school that is a great way for new barbershoppers to get a short-course on the art form, meet lots of other singers and grow personally in musical skills.  Details to register and sign up for classes are on the district website –


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Ken White introduced a group of guests with us this week.


By way of instruction, all those who brought their black suit coats in were asked to meet with the FRIENDS team of seamstresses by the stage during the break.


After coffee break, we worked a lot on the ballad, plus reviewed “Drunken Sailor” and “Great Day” which we will be using for the recording session next week. During the break the usual sales efforts were conducted to sell scrip cards, 50/50 tickets, and to make deposits for France.


We worked hard then right up til the last minute before we had to put everything away. No one seemed to have the winning 50/50 ticket, so the cash will go into the pot for next week.  A big crowd came to the afterglow this week at LaPortas at 1600 King Street.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)