Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking Back on September 23rd Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on September 23rd Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

This week there was a bass sectional at 6, plus the usual brush up sessions on stage for gesture review, CAMERON STATION practice, set up and coffee making. And a show production crew at the director’s table up front.

After warm up, Director Joe extended his warm thanks to all who make the long trip and gave up the weekend for the show in Erie, PA. Sounds like it was success. Later in the evening the check for $6800 was presented to the treasurer.

What a treat during the review period to hear the warm rich sounds of “I’ll Be Seeing You” come from the risers.

Paul Grimes, show producer, took the helm and ran thru the script dialog and Joe did a start of each song. Amidst that, CS sang one of their new songs – it is from Westside Story.

Will be fun to have Alan and Lois Durick, former Harmonizer leaders and he a top notch quartet guy, back to serve as the main characters in the show. They live in the Charlottesville area.

Grimes also reminded members about uniform needs, the time for volunteers to bring in props, that there will be a cast party at Generous Georges’ on Fri nite and then the usual afterglow on Sat nite at Fuddruckers.

Hope some of the inactive men who get this will come out for one of the shows this weekend at Bishop Ireton. 8 pm Fri nite and then at 2 and 8 pm on Sat. Plenty of tickets at the box office. Steve Murane and Nick Murane are doing a great job of all the record keeping for the ticket sales operation.

Before break, Roger Day introduced guests (Jordan and Chris who are singer guests, Steve from MN chapter), and Bob Bowman, who we don’t get to see often on Tuesdays.

Coffee and goodies and back to work.

President Stamps conducted the annual meeting of the chapter and the slate of officers presented by the nominating committee was elected as presented. (I have used the informal titles of the officers for this list.)

Brad Jones, President
Chris Buechler, Secretary
Howard Nestlerode, Treasurer
Scipio Garling, Marketing and PRDan O’Brien, Membership
Chuck Hunter, Music and Performance
Mark Klostermeyer, Operations
Ken Rub, Shows
Bob Blair and Scott Kahler, New Members at Large
Michael Calhoun and Brian Miller, continuing as Members at Large
Mick Stamps, Immediate Past President

Other announcements included fall contest details like get tickets if you need one from Bob Rhome, if you want a chorus picture see Jack Cameron.

Newer guys who need a holiday music book, contact Dick Dangel.

Guest nite is Oct. 28th. Mark your calendar and ask someone now to put it on his calendar too.

There is a tech session on Wed nite at the school for this weekend’s show. And then a full dress rehearsal on Thurs nite.

After business, it was back to work on show.

Grimes read script (and Dixie did the part of off stage voices). We also worked out usual details on how to run the curtain call. Smooth and chorus picked up changes to music fast.

Show work went really well.

So we had rest of nite to work on contest package. Joe used several new techniques to get the guys into it – to work on unit sound, to do sp, to get confidence of their music.

After all that hard work, there was just enough time to load the truck to get stuff to the show this weekend.

Until next time – editorjack!