Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking Back on the November 17th Chapter Meeting

Members of the chapter arrived early to take care of business matters before the singing started. As soon as Steve Murane sat down, there was a line of folks to take care of Holiday Show ticket sales. And the Halls had customers ready to buy scrip cards too and so they were eager for Bob Eckman to arrive with the new supply. Mick Stamps did a steady business of WHOs too. There was excitement in the hall as everyone was eager to get to work on their singing, help the new guys learn the show music and welcome all the visitors on the risers with the singers.

Director Joe took over after a good warm up and started right to work on the songs for the show. The guys were havin fun with “The Chipmunk Song” but as promised, Joe called several down to sing it in a quartet. There were some red faces but he did not yield. His point – consider this a lesson learned: that the pre-Tuesday nite memo sent from Steve White to all members is a preview of what will be expected at Durant.

Joe also used a lot of techniques to help the singers get into the spirit of these songs and to capture the desire to make them as important as any show songs.

Prior to break, Mark Klostermeyer did birthdays (actually only one – that old guy Terry Jordan) and announced that the board meeting was set for Wed. Nov. 18 at Durant at 6 pm. For some of the newer members, YeEd believes the chapter board meeting is still open to any and all members who wish to attend. Probably good to alert the president you are attending.

Secretary Buechler presented a 3-year renewal card to Jeremy Knobel and a 5-year card to Tim Buell. Dan OBrien invited each of us to stop by the membership station to get a stack of the new chapter business cards. They are not guest nite specific but can be used any time to give to someone you meet who likes to sing. Thanks to marketing vp Scipio Garling for the new supply.

Dan also introduced the two newest members of the chapter – Tim Buell and Kevin Roth. Dan reports there have been 17 new members this year!! Tonite’s guest line up included 8 men who came to sing with us. The list included former members, former guests, a couple first timers and some gents from other chapters.

After coffee and goodies and lots of visiting and business, the program continued. Phil Feguson reminded all guys to get some items to him for the silent auction at the show. And show producer Jeremy reminded everyone to work on an elf or toy costume, wrap two boxes for show decoration and to bring four dozen good holiday cookies. The boxes and cookies should be brought to First Baptist on King Street during the Thursday nite rehearsal, Dec. 3.

Music and Performance VP Terry Reynolds announced two changes in the musical team. Bob Mattes has stepped up to fill the librarian position which Dick Dangel has held for a long time. Thanks to Dick for his service. Terry also announced that Scipio Garling will become presentation leader. He fills the space left vacant when Gary Plaag asked to step out in order to spend more time on his business.

President Brad thanked those who had signed up for the small group gig at National Habor Place. He also presented a You Make A Difference pin to Howard Nestlerode for his detail work on chapter financials. And a pin to Will Cox for his service as a section leader and assistant director.

Then it was back to singing.

A tag or push out quartet fun time was first thing. Always fun to see the expressions of guys faces when they get tapped on the shoulder to move on!

Joe and team did another presentation of the new ballad. This time Joe used Nina Simone’s version for us to hear and enjoy and appreciate. Then there was some time to sing the melody and as a special treat, to hear the intro. Joe thanked the repertoire committee and the music committee for having this material ready now versus in March or something.

CAMERON STATION took the stage to sing two of their holiday songs for us. And then the assistant directors worked us thru more songs for the show.

We ended the rehearsal with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas: which is also the end of the show.

Guys had worked hard and were eager to put things away and head off to the afterglow.

More work next week, for sure.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)