Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Looking Back on the July 23rd Chapter Meeting

This was another important rehearsal for the chorus trip to Scotland.  Although our director and associate director were at Harmony University in Nashville (more about that below), assistant director Chuck Hunter provided great musical leadership and helped the singers improve even more on the show package.

Assistant director emeritus Will Cox did the vocal warm ups along with baritone section leader Jason Lee.

Assistant director Terry Reynolds briefed the chorus on the plans for the nite such as the Scotland Chorus in the center of the risers and all other singers on the end sections so they could also work on the music in preparation for our fall show.

Speaking of schedule, Terry reminded all members that next week there will be an optional rehearsal on Thurs. Aug 1st.  Then the rehearsal on Aug. 6th while many are overseas will also be optional.  Chuck will be directing that nite also.  Then mark your calendars for two other extra pre-show rehearsals on Wednesdays – Aug. 14th and 21st.

Lastly, Terry reported that section leaders are eager to receive recordings for chorus members ASAP in preparation for the show performance.

Chuck worked hard on three of the big numbers for the trip, then began a performance of the entire show package with solos, emcee speakers, props, and rhythm instruments used by Bob Blair and ­­­­Joel Golden.
Part of the evening, Turner Arndt worked with our newest singers to help them catch up on the visual plans for major show songs.

For the chapter meeting period, communications director Steve Murane presided. Dean Sherick has fall show tickets; and there is a flyer available to use in your promotion.

Robyn Murane was available for last minute uniform matters before the trip – and show.

Don Thompson reports that the Scotland trip t-shirts will be distributed on Tues July 30th and Thurs. Aug 1st.  If you won’t be there either of those nites, make arrangements with Don – such as have another guy get your shirt for you.

Liz Birnbaum shared the proclamation issued by Alexandria Mayor Justin M. Wilson recognizing the Alexandria Harmonizers for the International outreach and for their performance in Alexandria’s sister city, Dundee Scotland.

President Shawn Tallant reported the recent passing of Arthur Louis who earned two gold medals with the chorus as a great bass singer.  He was an active quartet singer with several current members of the chapter.  Frank Fedarko organized a quartet to sing at the graveside service.

Shawn proudly welcomed our newest member Callan Harding to the chapter.

Our guest this week was Matt Nighingale who returned with our two new members Alex and Callan

After a break, it was back to work on more of the show and then Chuck worked on some special spots in a couple songs.

Nick Murane won the 50/50 and directed “Keep The Whole World Singing” as all the members in the hall joined arms to end the evening.  It felt good to ring those chords.

The report from Nashville includes news of our members who were recertified as official judges in the Society including Joe Cerutti in the music category; Tony Colosimo in singing; Rasmus Krigstron in music; Chris Buechler in contest administration; and John Santora in contest administration.  

Several former members were recertified as well including Alan Lamson, Richard Lewellen, Mike Louque, and Jay Butterfield. Fred Womer was newly certified as a singing judge.

Following the category school on the Belmont Campus, the weeklong Harmony University started.  Joe, Tony and Cy Wood are on the faculty. Mike Kelly is working as a staff member. Other attendees include Paul Grimes, Tom Gannon, Michael Gilmore, and Chris Buechler. Also Mike Geipel’s wife is there with her quartet to be coached.

Until next time – editorjack! 

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd