Thursday, July 18, 2013

Looking Back on the July 16th Chapter Meeting   

This week was a celebration that launched an approach to take our successes and carry them on to the shows and appearances in the future.


We had all gotten word to work on a new song for Normandy, “Miller Medley” which we have sung in the past.  Many guys were ready and director Joe nudged us to use better singing skills developed for our 3rd place win on all of our music.


It was played for us as we took the risers this week.  Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups.  He turned over the chorus to director Joe Cerutti, who was just back from a bout of food poisoning.  But who knew.  He pushed and encouraged and helped us be better.  And have fun.

He also noted that the music for Normandy will be used all year, so everyone should work on it and learn it – not just those going on the trip in 2014. 


But first up comes the show on Thursday July 25th at Carlyle Park in Alexandria.  It is part of the city’s summer series and we sing at those shows as our way of expressing appreciation for the support we get from the city.  Joe pointed out that several musical leaders will not be in town for that show as they have been invited to attend the BHS school for training and certification or recertification of judges – Chris Buechler for the Contest Administrator category (he was recently chosen to head up that category); Chuck Harner also for CA; Joe Cerutti and Dan O’Brien for the Music category; Tony Colosimo for the Singing category; and Sean Devine and Gary Plaag for the Presentation category. These category schools are held just prior to the start of Harmony University in St. Joe, MO.


So – Joe had his assistant directors all set to direct the many repertoire songs for that show near the US Patent Office – within walking distance from the King Street Metro.  Mike Kelly, Terry Reynolds and Will Cox took us thru the many songs for the show.  We will work on them more next Tuesday nite.


Mid-evening, operations vp Bob Rhome conducted the chapter meeting portion of the nite.  He pointed out the challenges of parking that we will face for the rest of the year.  Car pools would be good.  Maybe meet someplace and come to Durant in one car.  BUT NOTE:  next Tues, July 23, we will meet at First Baptist Church, 2932 King St., Alexandria VA 22302.


President Alan Wile reported on the progress of John Hohl following his important operation in Florida.  Alan will keep us all posted on additional updates – the operation went well and so now John is in recovery mode.


Alan announced the funeral for barbershop icon, Billy Ball, on Friday in Gaithersburg.  We are all invited to sing with fellow barbershoppers from the area.


Alan also shared notes he had received recently included a thank you note from our buddies in DA CAPO expressing thanks for the chapter’s support plus the cheers and encouragement from the audience in Toronto. Other notes were from Ed Allen, Terry Jordan and Bill Conway.  It was also announced that DA CAPO is appearing as opener for Manhattan Transfer at Christopher Newport University coming soon.


Carl Kauffmann, our chapter chairman for getting us all to Toronto for the International convention, thanked a long list of members and FRIENDS for all the tasks they carried out on our behalf.  He mentioned that he had started working on planning in October of 2012! He also thanked by name, a long list of guys who helped move, load and set up risers all week including getting them back into the Harmo truck to head back to VA!!


Assistant director Terry Reynolds asked us all to keep up-to-date and to post our attendance intentions on the groupanizer page.  And he reminded all that the gold medals from other members were a loan – so please return them ASAP.  Bruce Lauther announced the plan to provide engraving for each guy’s 2013 bronze medal.  Turn them in to Bruce after the July 25th show, being sure you have included your name on the box or envelope.  It costs just $8.


We will have a summer camp format on August 30th – fun, games, choices, summer goodies.  Stay tuned.  These summer camp nites have been fun while our directors are gone to Harmony University in MO.


August 24th is Joe and Bridgette’s wedding.  All chorus members have been invited to sing some special songs and we will work on that music the first three weeks in August from 9:15-9:30.


Nick Leiserson, next year’s show vp, announced there is a plan for a show with the Ambassadors of Harmony from St. Louis to be held in the DC area in June of 2014.  He was seeking a straw vote of our guys to host members from the AOH for the 3-4 days they will be in the DC area.


Calvin Schnure welcomed any guys interested to sing along with the Harmony Brigade men at break.


Secretary Chris Buechler presented a membership renewal card to Geoff Berman for 31 years, and a card and lapel pin to Don Johnson for 45 years.


Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Rich Hewitt welcomed a long line of guests.  There were many family and friends guests, a few barbershoppers from other chapters and some who have moved here.  There were some first time guests too.  This week all guests signed in on a Ipad at the membership kiosk.  That helps gets guest info quickly and helps avoid typo errors on guest records.


For break, we were all glad to share in the left-overs from the chapter hospitality room up in Toronto. Thanks to Rick and Peggy Wagner for bring all the goodies back and for icing down the left over sodas.


After the break we watched our Toronto performances.  Then we all enjoyed the Geek-world summary and statistical reports from our International performance and contest history presented by Terry Reynolds.  He confessed he had Geek help from Chris Huber too.  Joe also made comments and discussed his pride and satisfaction for our contest performance. There was a Standing O for Terry!!


We will talk more about Toronto next week so more guys can share comments.  Before we closed there was a swell of cheers and another Standing O for our director Joe and his leadership!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)