Monday, January 19, 2009

Lookinb Back on Jan. 17th Presidents' Banquet

Looking Back on Jan. 17th Presidents’ Banquet

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The 36th annual Presidents’ Banquet was held Saturday nite, Jan. 17th at the Spates Hall Community Club on Ft. Myer.

A large crowd, nearly 100, attended this event hosted by Immediate Past President Mick Stamps, and all previous past chapter presidents. The social hour was fun with nice back ground music provided by DJ Pete Frank. As usual members got to meet the partners and guests of other members who we don’t often see on Tueday nite. A yearly photo summary created by Scipio Garling was shown while members gathered and waited for their turn to go to the buffet table.

And also as usual there was the typical teasing and carrying on by some tables of old timers. It was fun to see the next generation of Harmonizer leaders there with their guests. Some longtimers reflected that they were in that spot just a few years ago.

Everyone was glad to see Dick Weick out for this event and Mike Everard.

The tasty buffet included beef tips, seafood Newburg, herb roasted chicken. And some great chocolate cake and apple pie on the dessert table

Our own Alan Wile conducted an installation of the 2009 chapter board. He represented the International president in his duties as a BHS board member, himself. Part of his ceremony was to include the musical director too in the installation. And he asked all members to verbalize their pledge to take the chapter forward.

Incoming president Brad Jones recognized outgoing president Stamps with his past president’s pin and a thank you plaque with gavel.

Officers of the FRIENDS of Harmony were recognized too. Incoming president of that group, Sandra Stamps, invited more more to join their ranks – to include men who are not members of the chorus. The other leaders of that group are Carol Dangel, secretary; Linda Odell, membership; Marge Wagovich, communications; Carolyn Hall, Sunshine chair; Ina Berkey and Mary Blair, board members; and Jean Stewart, past president.

First awards given out were to the Riser Rats as we call them (started a few years ago by then-president Gary Plaag). They each received a coupon for Blockbusters, and a box of candy as just a small token of thanks for helping every Tuesday nite with the set up of risers and sound equipment. Those present to be recognized were Kauffmann, Blair, Berkey, Nestlerode, Rust, Eckman, Kraus, Richey, Kahler, Rhome.

In the tradition of this event, Mick present Presidential Awards to a crew of guys who have made the past year go well: Craig Kujawa for work to revitalize the front row; Steve White for working with coordinating the weekly planning; Bob Eckman for financial guidance; Scott Kahler for technical/sound support; Scipio Garling for adding the use of modern technologies like FaceBook to chapter operations; Mark Klostermeyer for chorus manager or “traffic control” when the chorus performs; and Bob Blair for his hard work at cleaning up and managing our storage units.

Then Mick presented the standing chapter awards:

New Note of the Year Award – Brian Ammerman
Ibbianne & Wilbur Sparks Award – Ginger and Terry Jordan
Spirit of Harmony Award – Joe Cerutti
Harmonizer Honor Award – Jack Pitzer
Oz Newgard Memorial Award – Brad Jones
The Harmonizer Memorial Award – Bob Wachter

After the award ceremonies, DJ Frank provided great music for dancing. He took requests from all the tables. Funny thing to note – it was an old Johnny Mathis tune that got older members and the younger generation out on the dance floor.

The 2009 Board will be Brad Jones, president; Dan O’Brien, membership; Scipio Garling, marketing and pr; Chuck Hunter, music and performance; Mark Klostermeyer, program/operations; Ken Rub, shows; Chris Buechler, secretary; Howard Nestlerode, treasurer; Brian Ammerman, Bob Blair, Scott Kahler and Brian Miller, board members; Mick Stamps, past president.

Until next time – editorjack!