Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking Back on July 28th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on July 28th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

YeEd brought along the May-June Harmonizer magazine from the BHS to read. Great story about our sing at the Supreme Court building. And a story about former director, Scott Werner, and his FL chorus giving 10% of their individual $250 stimulus payment from IRS to the Barbershop Harmony Foundation.

Before the meeting, Scott Kahler went to work on two sections of risers to tighten ALL the screws. Seemed to make a difference is the “noise” when the chorus did sways and big moves.

Will Cox did the warm ups. We have almost 60 members present before the nite was over. Many of our men were at Harmony University in MO including Director Joe as well as Tony Colosimo.

So, Mike Kelly and Will had directorship duties. They worked the troops in preparation for the August show in Old Town Alexandria at Market Square and provided a good review of a number of package show songs. Chuck McKeever also added review pointers for the stage presence plans of those songs.

Bob Rhome substituted for K12 (who is in Germany). Bob chided the men to wear their badges to chapter meeting. Craig Kujawa confirmed that there will be three teams in the 10 for 10 weight loss team competition. Didn’t hear him say who would be the third team captain. Members have until noon on Aug. 4 to let Craig know via email that they want to be included. Teams members will be drawn that nite at chapter meeting.

Scott Kahler also mentioned his work on developing an emergency notification method for the chapter – much like colleges use to alert students of a problem. The Board will be considering the plan at their meeting this week.

There were some announcements about wearing the correct kaki pants with the blue teal casual shirt. (An email has already come out with correct details.)

Dan O’Brien reminded all of the next guest nite, Sept. 15th at Durant. He also passed out flyers and calling cards developed by Scipio to help everyone plug the date. Dan would like some indication via email as to where the guys put the flyers. An email version is pending.

There were 8 guests introduced. And as usual, some first timers, some guys from other chapters, some guys in the loop to join.

After the break, President Brad alerted everyone to plan ahead for housing and parking and such for the Fall Contest in Lancaster Oct. 2-3. Alexandria is staying at the Willow Valley Resort.

Brad presented a “You Are A Star” pin to Ike Evans for his work on chapter photos and for doing the work to get a supply of black canvas briefcase bags with the guy’s name and Harmo logo. Nice looking.

Bob Rhome reminded all to bring taping equipment next week to make self-evaluated tapes to turn in. He plugged the dates for the Market Square Show Aug. 14th and for the Dog Days sing out in Manassas Aug. 25th where we sing on Tues nite with all the other local VA chapters. A fun nite.

After announcements, it was back to work on the singing. Will formed a push out quartet event and had them sing “Lift Up My Head” which was fun. Several new guys and guests actually got into it too.

The evening ended with the raffle and the winner was Carolyn Hall. She took us out for KTWWS.

Until next time – editorjack!