Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking Back on the October 13th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on the October 13th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

This week’s chapter meeting will go down as another Harmonizer milestone – the joint rehearsal with Pride of Baltimore Sweet Adeline chorus. The hall was really full and all eleven sections of risers were packed too when both choruses sang together. It was awesome.

Both choruses used the first part of the evening for warm ups and preparation for the rehearsal. Many of the POB ladies had driven a long way to make this rehearsal – and it was not even their chapter meeting nite. (It is our turn on Monday, Oct. 26th to go up their rehearsal.)

The Harmonizers worked on “Meeting Here Tonight” new intro and reviewed and then learned the rest of the SP for it. Rachael was back to teach that. Chuck McKeever and TJ Jones were demonstrators, which really helps the guys see it as they try to execute the moves. The front row worked separately on it in the lobby and in fact had Rachael coach them from 6 – 7 pm on their very energetic plan for the song.

The crowd of singers brought a lot of visitors, so some of us added another section for guest seating up front on the right. Had to fit it all in around the screen, av equipment, keyboard and guest welcome kiosk. What a good problem to have!

Before the choruses came together, Ops VP K12 announced that break would be later. Secretary Buechler gave renewal cards to Ryan Griffith for 15 years and Roger Day for 21 years. (Great to see Roger in the hall – he will likely be pushing us to all get boxes wrapped for the holiday show which Jeremy Knobel is producing!!!) Len Dornberger was presented his 25-year pin and card and Jack Cameron was presented his 40-year pin and card.

President Brad announced that the chapter has gotten $1000 as our share of contributions given to the Harmony Foundation. He also plugged sales of the fall show tickets. And he presented two You Make a Difference pins: to Bob Rhome for the many things he does for the chapter including being diligent in scheduling meeting spaces for the chapter and all its many events and meetings; and to Dave Welter for his years of dedication to keeping the chapter calendar up-to-date and published for us all.

Chuck Harner announced that he has Baltimore entertainment books now. He also suggested that last years books are about to expire, so people might want to buy a new one right away.

Bruce Minnick has less that 30 afterglow tickets left for the fall show!

Dan O introduced all the singer guests from where they were on the risers. Another long list!!

Then Director Joe welcomed the ladies of the POB chapter to join us on the risers. He jumped right into three songs the two choruses will sing on the show. The eight-part harmony is something.

After a good solid session of mostly coaching the two groups so they were used to the sounds and volume levels needed with the ensemble, Joe took them on one last run of all three songs. The POB guests were invited to stay or head on back if they wished.

After break, the Harmonizers worked on their other show songs, took time for three holiday show songs and wrapped up a little after 10. A busy and historical nite for the chapter.

A huge crowd was at 815 Southside with many POB folks joining in the fellowship. There was celebration for Tony Colosimo’s recent engagement to Elizabeth! And Eric Wallen was encouraging guys to sign up their quartet for the Put Together Contest on Dec. 15th. (In-active members are welcome to join in this fun nite – get some buddies together and let Eric know you want to be in the contest.)

Until next time – editorjack!