Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking Back on the November 19th Chapter Meeting

Everyone knew this was “for sure” gonna be a busy rehearsal and chapter meeting with the holiday show coming up soon.  Everyone was concerned about our director Joe Cerutti who is recovering from his operation in Hawaii. Early word at the meeting was shared that he had made it back to VA and was resting after a really rough return flight from HI.

Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups, and assistant Terry Reynolds outlined plans for some other holiday season gigs.  All the directing staff was up front for the many songs for the show. Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted a craft session to keep us sharp.

Producers Scipio Garling and Josh Roots, with help from the actors, ran thru the first act of the show with script, pitch pipe cues – all to give the chorus a hint as to what the theme is all about.  It is funny and crazy as ever with Jack-in-the-Box carrying things along. TBD was present as they also have a part to play in the Pirate theme!! You just gotta join us to figure how they used the shoe-horn to fit Pirates into a holiday show.

Operations vp Bob Rhome was back from HI and conducted this week’s meeting. President Alan Wile reported more on Joe and told us that Cindy and Dave Hansen and Rick and Peggy Wagner were in HI to help Joe and Bridgette.

Burt Stueve has been back in the hospital and Jon Abel is slowly recovering from a stroke. The viewing for Dee Paris was Monday nite and some of our members attended and sang with other barbershoppers including guys from the DC Chapter.

Scipio Garling had a surprise announcement for the chapter.  The American Boychoir will be in town and sing on the Friday nite show.  One of their teachers is Myles Glancy who was Harmonizer for a couple years before pursuing more education. The Choir will do a 15-minute set. An email with complete details about chorus members hosting the choir members was sent on Wednesday by Scipio. 

Mike Gilmore and Mike Edison sing in HANDSOME REWARD quartet and they will be on the Heart of Maryland Sweet Adeline show.

Randall Eliason plugged the need for more auction items and encouraged everyone to check out the auction website.

Josh Rosh reminded us all that we are bring two wrapped boxes for the show – colorful, shinny paper.  Bring them to the dress rehearsal.  Jack Pitzer confirmed that each member is also to bring four dozen decorated holiday cookies for the dessert portion of the show.  They can be brought to the dress rehearsal or when you arrive for the first Friday nite show.

Ken Fess covered details about the Normandy trip – if you wish to make extended travel plans, speak with Ken.

Steve Murane is eager to hear from all members if they will attend the Presidents’ Award banquet Jan. 25th.  Email Steve.  President Wile also asks members to offer their nominations for winners of the chapter’s major awards that will be announced that nite.   (A list of those awards and who has received them in the past is in our chapter directory. Check it out.

Membership vp Mark Klostermeyer with help from Rich Hewitt welcomed this week’s battery of guests.

Bob Rhome wrapped up announcements with an invitation to the Heat Glow, January 4th, hosted by Jack and Pat Pitzer – a social event for the whole chapter and their significant others, Saturday evening, January 4th, 2014. 7 pm at their home - 7801 Suffolk Ct., Alexandria, VA 22315. Casual dress. Tag singing in the basement. Everyone bring hors d' oeuvres or holiday goodies to share. Wine if you wish. We will make the traditional Heat Glow Grog recipe that has been served at a similar Harmonizer event for over 50 years!! The recipe has been passed down from previous generations of the Harmo family.


Bob alerted board members of their meeting this week on Wed at Durant.


During the refreshment break, there was lots of activity with ticket distribution, White House Ornament sales, 50/50 sales, and such.


Earlier in the week, John Pence offered some great advice to members about selling more WHOs.  “I send a White House Ornament email message to all my friends and family (about 130 total) every year. Here’s another idea... several Harmo salesmen have arrangements with consignment vendors that sell the ornaments at a price THEY choose (usually $25-30). We provide WHO on consignment and charge them $20 for any they sell. Gives them a risk-free sale with a good price markup and a mail-order-hassle-free option for their customers.”


At tonight's meeting, Bob Rhome touched on the fact that Ike Evans had come up with a source of  custom cases for smart phones and had had one made which utilized the photograph that was conceived by Phil Ashford this past summer in Toronto. Ike sent an email to all since the deadline was Wed. 20th.

After break, there was continued work on the show music with some time set aside for Carlos Barillo to tweak the fun and entertaining moves for “FA LA LA LA LA.”

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 65th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)