Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking Back on the December 1st Chapter Meeting

When YeEd arrived at 5 til 7, the action was well underway at Durant. Everyone was fired up about last minute ticket sales for the show and getting a good supply of ornaments to sell.

Will Cox did warm ups and got the men ready to work hard on the show music.

Props were arriving right and left from those who had responded to Scipio’s email request. Funniest was seeing Dean Martin come in caring a box with women’s legs sticking out of the box! You will have to come to the show if you don’t know why!!

Characters were working their lines and helping the chorus with their timing too. Terry Reynolds in Jack-In-The-Box again. Director Joe is “Junior” and Tom Kraus is Jack’s nephew, “Charlie.”

Producer Jeremy Knobel was busy all evening helping the chorus know when to react and where to be during the package. And he was more than gentle in his nudge to SELL MORE TICKETS. There are some empty tables to fill.

In the midst of the fun, Chuck Hunter arrived to loud cheers from all!! He is back in the US for meetings at State and will head back to Damascus on Saturday. He will get to come to the Friday nite show.

Another part of the evening was coaching and instructions for table servers. And an effort to get a full set of waiters signed up. Before YeEd left the hall, it looked like a bunch of guys had stopped at the sign up table to help. Yeah.

Both of our chapter ensembles sang their show songs – TBD and CAMERON STATION.

There was a strong plug for guys to make certain they have elf or toy costumes for the first part of the show and then caroling outfits (sweater, scarf, etc.) for the last part.

Bob Rhome covered for K12 and ran the meeting. Secretary Buechler gave a 22-year renewal card to Tom Griffith who was back.

Dan O’Brien restated the earlier joyful announcement by Joe that we have 100 singers signed up for Philly!! Then Dan introduced 9 guests – a couple who have filled out applications.

He also welcomed member Roger Day who stopped by to check out things in prep for his annual Deck The Hall gig to turn the fellowship hall of First Baptist into Santa’s workshop.

Bob Rhome reminded all to pay for their Philly tickets right away. And to stay tuned for final details about housing at that convention.

President Brad thanked Mrs. Wilbur Sparks for her recent donation to the chapter and for her purchase of scrip cards for holiday giving. He also welcomed Dixie back after her recent operation.

Brad gave You Make A Difference pins to Tom Kraus for his leadership in forming TBD and for helping with the show. And to Phil Ferguson for his work in managing the silent auction at the show.

Jeremy Knobel ran down a list of important reminders about this weekend’s show. There is a rehearsal Thursday eve at the First Baptist Church on King Street. Singers should wear their elf or toy outfits to get used to them. They don’t need to bring their caroling outfits.

Every member needs to bring two boxes wrapped in shinny paper and four dozen good cookies. Bring them Thursday nite.

Chorus calls are 6 on Thursday; 6 on Friday eve; 10 am on Saturday.

Still some slots open for guys to fill as waiters. Sign up Thursday. Decorating crews are working on Friday – every member can help with this task including non singers and new guests and such. There was also need for a riser crew on Thursday at pm.

Then Director Joe took over again to drill and work on the show songs. But first he called up John Hohl to take the farewell chair and after Joe’s thanks to John for his service and help over the years; we sang “A Place on the Risers for You” as John is relocating to FL.

Then back to work including some visual drill on package show songs. Also the MC guys did their bits for practice, as did the many soloists.

It was hard work right up til time to go to the afterglow. But first the guys had to load the truck for this weekend and put everything away.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)