Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking Back on the Feb. 8th Chapter Meeting

Great to have a bunch of guys back after some illness, operations, surgery, getting over an accident or such – Chris Yates, Don Thompson, Chuck Powell, John Pence, Tom Griffith, Bob Mattes, Bob Wilson, Alan Wile. YeEd figures he might have missed a couple more.

Also the chapter was pleased to have Michael Gellert back to do the vocal lessons. YeEd has heard a lot of good talk and comments about how they were helpful and appreciated.

Also good to have Craig Odell back from his work assignment in AL.

And we always appreciate the FRIENDS group who support the chapter. They met tonite and went to dinner at Hard Times Café.

After vocal warm ups, Director Joe reviewed this weekend’s schedule for the chorus and quartets: the Singing Valentine project Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon; the stage presence work session Sat morning and the high school educational session Sat afternoon. He briefed the guys as to what they would do as part of the educational session and ran through the songs to be sung, including “Summertime.”

As for the Singing Valentine work. Joe asked who had signed up with Eric Wallen and asked them to come down front. Then he invited anyone else who could help and do some quartet time over the four days to raise their hand. Eric took notes of those guys and can now help put together quartets to fill orders.

Joe Wagovich thanked all for helping with that. He has a crew working on buying the candy, roses, scheduling gigs, doing maps, printing cards. Ken White, chapter shows chair, reminded all that this SV event is a major spring effort to raise income in place of a traditional show.

Quartets should stay tuned for details from SV chair Joe as to when to come to Valentine Central, 6277 Franconia Rd., Alex 22310 (actually Jack Pitzer’s office).

And it is not too late for all of us to print and post the great SV poster/flyer sent out by chapter marketing guy, Steve Lingo. Get them out there so we have plenty of business.

The bulk of the singing in the first half was work on the contest songs. Previous plans to have Kirk Young with us were canceled because of weather and travel problems. One thing Joe did that was really effective was to use the keyboard and demonstrate how Rogers and Hammerstein had written the song and how our arrangement by Steve Tramack followed that music.

Dennis Ritchey did sound tonite and it is always so good to be able to hear and to add in things like the keyboard.

The chapter meeting session was kicked off by ops vp, Mark Klostermeyer, with his weekly reminder of birthdays of the guys this coming week.

Don Dillingham got to make his push for guest nite, Feb. 15th, at Durant. Again he stressed each man should bring someone! He and YeEd also discussed the need for guys to bring some cookies and such to restock the cupboard so we can be good hosts. Also a reminder for all to wear their chapter name tags so the guest can speak to you by name.

Brad Jones plugged the need for chapter members to provide their feedback regarding the China trip.

Ken Fess and Mick Stamps have signed on as producers for a major upcoming show and offered to add other guys to their team – especially newer guys who might learn the ropes from these two pros.

Immediate Past President, Dick Newton, announced plans for the annual Presidents Ball event (award nite, installation of officers and a great dinner to share) on Feb. 26th at Mason Inn at George Mason University (where we had the afterglow after the Chorus of the World show with Westminster). About $25 per person. More details to come re menu, bar plans (there will be one), start time, etc. BUT you can start buying tickets and getting table reservations next Tuesday nite from Jack Pitzer.

Chapter Secretary, Chris Buechler, presented membership renewals for the following: Joel Golden, 6 years; Bob Rhome, 10 years; Tom Kern, 13 years; Chuck Powell, 17 years; TJ Jones, 20 years; Dean Rust, 31 years; Bob Wachter, 59 years.

Membership vp, Phil Ashford, introduced a long line of guests again tonite. Several are barbershoppers and have come to investigate our chapter. Several are new in town and/or in town for work and came by to sing. Several of them are applicants or about to audition.

We had a good break and since it was so cold, the coffee pot was drained! The usual activities were also going, on such as quartet formation, orientation for newer members, getting water from the FRIENDS group, buying raffle tickets.

After break, it was back to work with Joe and Tony, who offered inputs as needed. The music team had sectionals tonite to touch up some points on the ballad. Music vp, Terry Reynolds, presented details about this year’s self-evaluation plan. He showed new forms, explained steps each guy should take, and promised to get out an email covering it all. He thanked Craig Kujawa for his work in updating and improving the forms the guys must submit.

Chuck McKeever continues to work on the taping system for helping with visual self improvement. He added some tables to get the new cameras up higher.

When Joe ended the rehearsal at 10 or so, the huge crowd of guys all gathered on the risers and locked arms for KTWWS. It was great to have Bob Wilson up from Richmond, and Phil Stern up from FL, to sing with us. It is always true – It is Great to Be a Harmonizer!

Tonite we tried a new spot, the Alexandria Hilton, for our chapter afterglow. It is just a short walk from Durant and across the street from the King Street Metro. A good crowd joined in the fun and it got good marks from all. Thanks to Jeremy Richardson for making the contact and setting up some discounts. The tag singers were happy to know there is a separate place they can sing there, too.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)