Thursday, November 1, 2012

Greeting all - theses notes were prepared by Ross Felker. Thanks for
that. YeEd is in Indianapolis for FFA meeting.

Looking Back on Oct 23 Chapter Meeting and Recording

Location: First Baptist Church of Alexandria, on King Street

- Initially brought risers off the truck to set up in the fellowship
hall. However, leadership determined that the choir room on the second
floor would be a better location for recording. A team of guys helped
load the risers back on the truck.
- Will Cox directed our warm up in the fellowship hall.
- Upstairs to sing and record “Music Man,” “Summertime,” and “No More
- Mike Kelly and Cameron Weifenbach volunteerd their time and expertise
to set-up and operate the sound recording equipment.
- Joe said we sounded great; hopefully, we got some good recordings.

Bob Blair called for one volunteer to help with renting the risers on
Saturday at 10:00 am at the Lee Center. Someone did volunteer.

Chuck Harner was selling Entertainment Coupon books out of the back of
his car tonight.

Reminder for the Holiday Show the phone number for purchasing tickets
is on the website. Messages are checked daily by Ian Poulin.

Terry Reynolds announced that there are just 5 rehearsals left before
the Holiday Show. We need to be prepared for “Sleigh Ride” and “Santa
Baby.” Off the music in two weeks.

President Steve Murane announced that the Harmony Foundation charity,
which provides scholarships for youth educational opportunities,
presented a check to the Harmonizers for over $1800. The Harmony
Foundation presents these checks twice a year and this amount results
from contributions of Harmonizer members. Steve said we have about 30
Harmonizers in the Harmony Foundation—imagine what the checks would be
if we had 100 Harmonizers participate in the Harmony Foundation! Alan
said a membership of $10 a month gets Ambassador Status, and a
percentage can be donated to our district and chapter.

Steve Murane congratulated the Harmonizers who participated in quartets
at the District Contest and presented checks to the quartets.

After announcements, we reviewed about 5 songs for the holiday show.

Afterglow was announced to be at Joe Theismans.