Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking Back on April 14th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on April 14th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

The hall filled up fast last nite with so much going on in the life of the Harmonizers. The stage was packed for Chuck McKeever to review and teach SP things. His new leaning tool of having cues recorded over the music seems to be working.

The front row was working in the lobby on all the new stuff for contest, and reviews for the show. Plus they are auditioning some new folks for the front row. Since the chorus has gotten bigger, there needs to be a larger front line. Great problem to have!!

I heard from Craig and Linda Odell that their daughter Erin has accepted a position in the grad department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in music education. I think she will be in the same school with Jim Henry, director of the Ambassadors. Sadly she has announced her plans to step down as director of the Roanoke, VA, Chapter after Southern Division. She plans to relocate in September.

There were lots of other business things going on in Durant – signing up to help for Southern Division hosting job, getting show tickets and marketing materials, greeting guests and helping newer guys prepare for their auditions. The show team was also working on helping those with speaking and solo parts.

Right at 7 o’clock, warm ups began as usual. Some new fancy footwork was taught to add to “Bright Side of Life” for the show. Will took the troops thru a review of “NY NY’ and the SP of old was reviewed for all.

There was more fancy foot work added to “Cellophane” – you gotta see it. “Summertime” was also worked on with a revival of the great SP package we used in the past. “Star” (as in I’m gonna be a star, yes sir) was passed out and sectionals worked to learn it fast. The chorus owns four portable CD players so each section can take a learning CD and go to their separate rooms to practice and review. Same thing was done later in the evening for “One Singular Sensation” that will be a big number in the show. The chorus actually recorded this one for playing at the show – thanks to Scott Kahler for his tech support on the recording. (The guests and chorus did pretty well at keeping quiet.)

By the way, congrats to tenors who were all present this week again.

Before break, Dan O introduced a line of guests. And he plugged the May 12th guest nite and suggested we use the new YouTube piece to show prospects what it would be like to be at a chapter meeting. Well done by Mike Kelly and Dan O.

After break, there were important messages about marketing the show and the need for each of us to take 10 of the general admission tickets to sell. Terry Reynolds emphasized the need for guys to get in tapes for “Clap” to their section leaders, with the self evaluation forms.

Carl Kauffmann is heading up the task force to operate the Southern Division contest May 22 and 23. There are some tasks for some volunteers to fill. The chapter makes a good fee for managing this event. Also, the chorus will sing on Saturday nite at that event. Watch for details. And I know there will be a number of quartets from the chapter compete in the quartet contest which starts on Friday evening at the Reston Hyatt. The chorus contest is on Saturday.

President Brad plugged the Youth Harmony Festival this weekend at Durant. The chorus will sing Saturday evening – call is 6:30 pm. Casual uniform for all Harmonziers for this event – both those who will volunteer all during the day and the chorus. Materials delivered on Fri nite need to arrive about 6 pm. Cookies and fruit need to be brought to Durant on Fri nite or first thing Sat morning. Everyone can help with that.

Brad presented a You Make a Difference pin to Jack Pitzer for the help with coffee and refreshments each week. (Thanks all – ye ed.)

The evening ended with a long session of review and reps of “Clap” in prep for contest and show!

The meeting ended at 10 and then the troops put all the materials away and adjourned to the 815 for an afterglow.

Until next time – editorjack!