Thursday, February 5, 2009

Looking Back on Jan. 27th & Feb. 3rd Chapter Meetings

Looking Back on Jan. 27th & Feb, 3rd Chapter Meetings

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Actually, the recording session scheduled for Tues., Jan. 27th, was cancelled due to snow and ice conditions (the facility was actually not open).

So on Feb. 3rd, the troops were there early and eager to get to work, since we had not met for two weeks. The 6 pm session conducted on the stage by Chuck McKeever was full. It was designed to provide a sneak preview of the visual plan to be taught during the regular meeting time.

Also the risers and sound and mirrors got up with lots of helpers. So when the clock struck seven, the risers were full. Good to see several members back to the fold after some holiday time away, some work travel, some family illness, some guys who went to the Mid Winter in CA.

During our usual solid warm up session conducted by Will Cox, bass section leader, Mike Kelly, took his guys off the risers for an special bass warm up exercise.

Following the warm ups, Director Joe launched the work on three incoming songs that most know. “Manhattan” was first – a whole chorus review, then a pull out octet to sing it. Same routine was used on “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” (which is fun for the whistlers) and on “New York New York.” (Had to laugh when I saw some old timers trying to remember the SP moves for that one!)

Next was sectionals for work on the “Peter Pan Medley.” When the guys rejoined, they sang the first part of the song over and over to drill what they had learned. Joe let them try to wade thru the rest of the song – no doubt many have some work at home this week.

The pre-break session included a review of the February calendar – since it is jammed packed.

Feb. 5th – showmanship sessions with G Plaag
Feb. 8th – lead sectional, 2-5 at Harmo House; CAMERSON STATION, 5-8 at Harmo House.
Feb. 10th – showmanship sessions again
Feb. 12th – Extra Rehearsal for America’s Got Talent
Feb. 12 -14 – Singing Valentines
Feb. 15th – CAMERON STATION, 5-8
Feb. 19th – Extra Rehearsal with Cindy Hansen teaching SP for “Peter Pan Medley.”
Feb. 28th – show in New York City

Membership guy Dan O’Brien introduced a long line up of guests including two applicants, Matt Barnes and Drew Dias (who were given the new AH pin to signify their accomplishments).

Then it was break to get coffee, goodies, order and buy things include 50/50 from Roger Day.

During the chapter meeting after the break, Past President Stamps recognized two Presidential honorees who were not able to attend the award banquet in January – Steve Murane for his work on ticket sales, and Bill DePuy for endurance of driving the Harmo Van to International.

FRIENDS chair, Sandy Stamps, recognized the top salesmen for the White House Ornament project. We sold 400 more that last time, I believe. 3900 ornaments!!

10th – Dick Hall sold 79
9th – Austin Cotton sold 87
8th – Rick Wagner sold 112
7th – Alan Wile sold 143
6th – Will Cox sold 155
5th – Burt Stueve sold 130 ??????? this number may be wrong, or is wrong order
4th – Jerry Eiler sold 151
3rd – Skip Coburn sold 450
2nd – Roger Day sold 641
1st – Dave Reyno sold 675.

Spring Tonic head Ken Fess reminded the chorus that the many new songs we are learning or relearning are in response to show customers requests for some variety.

Ken White, quartet promotion guy, reminded us all that the International Prelims is coming up March 6-7 in Reston. He was inviting any chapter quartets who are competing in that event, and who would like to do a practice run for our chapter prior to the weekend, to see him to get on the schedule. Quartets must enter this contest to qualify to compete in Anaheim quartet competitions.

Dennis Ritchey spoke to all about helping members with housing for the trip to New York City. See him about sharing a room with a Big Apple Chorus member or in the hotel where he has worked a deal with for better pricing.

Josh Roots, the Singing Valentine coordinator, asked for help on taking and gathering orders from customers. There is a good crew at work on this and lots of successful promotion is in the works.

Director Joe spoke on behalf of Terry Reynolds who is monitoring the current plan for members to do self recordings on our way to a good score in Anaheim in July. Singers are encouraged to go digital now. Speak with Terry or Joe or your section leader if you have a question.

Dan O reminded everyone about the guest nite on Feb. 10th. He asked the members to all bring goodies to put out for the break.

President Brad Jones discussed the details about the tight schedule on Feb. 14th when the chorus will appear in America’s Got Talent audition. Watch for emails and final plans. The chapter leadership has pledged that no Singing Valentine gigs will be left unfilled.

Back to our music, the chorus worked on a new song, “Mister Cellophane.”

Then they launched the terrific and exciting stage presence plan for “From This Moment On” which is to be our opener in NYC and likely most shows after that. McKeever and Plaag tag teamed the teaching with Chuck giving the specific details. He was fast and prepared and taught the whole song in about 15 minutes. Director Joe had the guys rewind and rewind, so by the time they stopped they knew it pretty well.

The famous Harmo front row had worked in the lobby at Durant while the chorus drilled. So they came in and joined the rest of the guys for a full performance. Cool job by all.
(I hear the plan was created by some of our guys – but have forgotten the names. Congrats to them.)

Joe had the chorus sing “Second Star” and make their first tape as part of the self improvement plan.

Ken Fess won the 50/50 and the guys rushed to get things all packed and put away!

Until next time – editorjack!