Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking Back on the August 17th Chapter Meeting and Market Square Show

This was a busy nite for the chapter and chorus. Set up went well, tho someone found the head off a nut from the risers on the floor. So before you knew it, Bob Blair was under the risers with his socket wrench and found where it had fallen off. And these risers are just a few weeks old!! Tip for all – if you see any nuts or bolts, save ’em.

There was a good crowd of guests arriving early – some are applicants and needed to practice with a quartet, others filling out paper work, others just meeting the guys.

Early on we learned from Dick Hall that his sidekick, Carolyn, was in the hospital. He left early to go back to the hospital. On top of it all, her birthday is Wednesday. So – all of us need to drop a note or card in the mail to their home. Bob Eckman took over selling the scrip cards and taking orders for Marriott scrip cards that guys can use to pay their hotel bill in Lancaster at district convention.

Will Cox conducted an important vocal warm up to launch the musical portion of the evening. Director Joe was up on the risers getting a feel for the sound and helping fire back some bari! Was funny, Terry came up to YeEd at one point and asked, “Have you seen Joe?” He was having fun being one of the riser singers.

First music work session of the nite was to refurb the choreo for “Meeting Here Tonight” as originally learned. We had created a stripped-down-choreo version to get thru some shows, so this gets the entertaining package back up to snuff. Chuck McKeever taught and reviewed. The front row guys worked on their own in the lobby.

Mark Klostermeyer, ops vp, kicked off the prebreak announcements with birthday reminders. Terry Reynolds, music vp, announced that vocal coach Michael Gellert will be back with us next week. Guys can sign up for a single session at $20 or a group-of-five session for $4 each.

Membership vp Ken White reminded us all of the Thurs. Aug. 26th audition nite. Joe will conduct the auditions. Our duty is to get prospects to attend. It starts at 7 pm at Durant. Phil Ferguson is coordinating the event.

Ken also reminded us of the Tues. Oct.. 26th guest nite at Durant. As usual, we need to bring in as many prospects as possible. Steve Lingo is point person for this one.

Some of us were talking last nite that it is often the lady who talks a guy into singing with us. So don’t overlook that plan as you try to get a guy to come sing. Invite him and his wife to come on Tuesday. We’ll have the coffee pot on for them.

Then he introduced our guests. Will Cox directed the Harmonizer Welcome song.

There were some goodies out for the break, and the guys managed to make a clean sweep of the table and all but a few crumbs were gone. (We need you all to restock the cupboard – cookies, salty things, healthy things if you must, candy. Bring it on Tuesday when you come.)

After break, Kevin Roth announced details of the Harmony Brigade event this weekend in DE.

Several announcements were made related to the Mid-Atlantic District contest coming up Oct. 1-2 in Lancaster. Reminder about buying scrip cards to pay your Marriott hotel bill – the chapter nets some good cash on these. Reminder by Terry of the two Sept. extra rehearsals. One is Thurs Sept. 23th in conjunction with a show in the city. The other is Thurs Sept. 30th. Those two rehearsals and the other four Tuesday nite rehearsals in Sept. are mandatory. If a chorus member can’t make one of them, he needs to speak to Terry or section leader, just so they know your plans.

But similarly, Bob Rhome is eager to help each of us get your hotel room for the weekend and to purchase event tickets for the contest and convention. If you have not given Bob your form or spoken to him about your plans, do so now. Also if you plan to sing but are staying with friends or have bought a ticket on your own, it helps him plan for chapter events that weekend.

(YeEd would add that many of us may be asked by section leaders, assistant directors and visual team members to help coach and instruct all the MANY new guys who have joined since Philly or are in the process of doing so. We want them to sing on the district stage with us.)

Terry also gave a plug for the guys to bring recording devices so they can submit “Make Me Better” self evaluations before the district contest.

Bruce Lauther had many of the 5th place medals back from the engraver. Klostermeyer was glad to report his last name did fit on the back of a medal. (Now you know why we refer to him as K12)

President Newton reported on Carloyn Hall and announced the board meeting for 7 pm at Durant on Wednesday.

Then Director Joe took over and worked the chorus hard on contest preparation. There were some note changes but no major changes in interp or visual. Just drill and review, and here again, helping the new guys get comfortable.

Before the nite ended, we all were reminded of the important chapter show on Tuesday, Aug. 31st call Dog Days. This is a long-standing tradition where many chapters in the area come together, sing some songs for each other, mix and mingle and share goodies, and cheer for each other. They have always had it on a Tuesday so the Harmonizers could attend en mass and show our stuff from the international stage. Everyone should make plans. If it means getting off work early or at least doing a map quest, plan ahead. Some guys arrive a little after the event has started, as we always sing last. Talk to some of your riser guys to car pool. And invite the new guys and guests to ride along.

All Harmonizers are encouraged to attend Dog Days, even if you are not a regular these days. Come sit with YeEd and help take notes!! The evening is hosted by the Prince William County Chapter at 12975 Purcell Rd. in Manassas, always during the hot muggy “dog days” of summer. The hall has AC and lots of room. Plenty of parking. We take the risers and sound equipment for the nite to help.

Now a quick report from the Market Square show last weekend.

It was a terrific nite in Old Town Alexandria on Fri. Aug. 13th for the annual Harmonizer appearance at Market Square. We were part of the summer series there hosted by the Alexandria Dept. of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs.

There was a good crowd from beginning to end for the show. The chorus sang a full list of our best songs. Four guys formed LOW HUMIDITY quartet for the show – Dan O’Brien, Tony Colosimo, Ken Ives and Steve White. After one song, Rick Savage took over tenor and Steve joked that they had worn out one tenor already.

Membership vp Ken White had brought postcards to pass out to folks in the audience. It was fun to meet some prospective singers and for sure some ticket customers from this gig. Also good to see some of our recent guests in the audience.

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)