Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking Back on March 10th Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on March 10th Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Well, every week the hall is a beehive of activity from 6 – 7 pm. Ken White coordinated the Anytime Quartet Project auditions – about 15 candidates expressed interest. Chuck McKeever held a visual training session on the stage.

Worker bees put out all the things it takes to run the chapter on Tuesday nite: risers, mirrors, tables, chairs for guests, riser railings, coffee pot and goodies, membership station, music stands, AV equipment, sound equipment, Harmo picture board, riser chart.

Will Cox took the singers thru their warm up session. And Director Joe followed him up front to lead applause for CRUNCH TIME and FULL TILT who will represent our chapter in the quartet contest in Anaheim in July.

President Brad Jones was watching his Blackberry all evening for word that Alexandria would get a nod to sing in the next round of the America’s Got Talent show. Even without confirmation, Joe helped the chorus learn the three songs, cut to 90 seconds each, and with stage presence. McKeever helped review the visuals. How classy is that front row in bringing back their famous the kick line for “NY NY” and at that speed!

The Spring Tonic is coming fast and so there was a sneak preview of the talking parts and a great shot with “Cellophane” and Ken White doing his solo with it. Really will be a fun number!

Mark Klostermeyer started the business period with announcement. Personal tapes are due in to section leaders for the contest medley. We have a rehearsal this Thursday, at Kena Temple on Rte. 50, with our terrific coach, Cindy Hansen, teaching more of the plans for the contest package. At 7 pm.

He also plugged the recording session set for Tues March 24th – not at Durant. Those who take Metro should plan ahead for rides.

Secretary Buechler presented official new-member-materials to Drew Dias and a first Man of Note pin to Ken White for being Drew’s sponsor. Noah Van Gilder was given his 2-year membership renewal card.

Terry Jordan explained the Master Director award that Joe earned this year. There was a prospect of cake at break in Joe’s honor!!

Membership VP Dan O’Brien welcomed four new applicants – Phil Ayoub, Ryan Griffith, Luis Castro, Brian Norton. He had a bunch of other guests to introduce too. Joe recognized John Hohl, our arranger, who was back from a warmer Florida. It was good to see Bob Bowman back for the evening too.

The gang wiped out the cake and almost all the goodies at break and did lots of business matters. You could hear some quartets in various parts of the hall too.

Quartet Promo Chair, Ken White, honored LAST KIDS PICKED and PRIME TIME who sang as mic testers at the recent convention as their swan songs as quartets. He also reminded all of the quartets who competed and how proud we were of them all.

Brad shared the Harmony Foundation Award he was given at the House of Delegates meeting last weekend honoring our chapter as a gold level chapter – highest per member donations to the Foundation. Good job, brothers.

Brad also gave “You Make A Difference” star pins to Mike Kelly for his work on the NYC show. And to Director Joe – because! The guys also gave Joe a framed “Harmonizers Take Manhattan” poster.

Then it was back to work for the show and particularly the contest medley. Gary Plaag and Chuck McKeever began teaching the stage presence plan. This will help the guys be better prepared for the Thursday nite session with Cindy. New guys – make sure you are there. She is great and we have a good time when she is cranking us up in prep for contest. If you are new and don’t know where Kena Temple is, or you need a ride, call some of us. Me – cell 703-627-9424.

When the meeting ended, the guys were so fast at putting things away that there was time to hang out and sing some in the hall. Then a nice crowd adjourned to Southside at 815 S. Washington St. in Alexandria for an afterglow.

Until next time – editorjack!