Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking Back on July 21st Chapter Meeting

Looking Back on July 21st Chapter Meeting

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —Ye Ed.)

Folks arrived a little late this week, but the risers and room was set up promptly and we were back to normal in finding all the Harmo “stuff” in Durant. Dick and Carolyn Hall were back from this trip to see family. From the grin on his face, you would think Dick had won the gold medal, not his brother Bob in the Ambassadors of Harmony!

The usual warm up and a warm down for basses was conducted. Then it was off to work with Director Joe in preparation for the Ft. Ward show on Thursday.

Since our chapter is supported by the City of Alexandria Rec Dept., we look forward to this event each year as a small payback for that support. Good PR, good place to bring prospective customers and for sure prospective singers. Show starts at 7:30 for audience.

Joe promised this show is the “send it off our repertoire” for “Kiss de Girl” which drew cheers from all.

After a good singing workout, K12 started the meeting portion of the nite. Secretary Buehler presented a 7-year membership card to Frank Fedarko and a 31-year card to Phil Ashford. J.T. Price was presented his 30-year card and pin.

Dan O reminded everyone of the guest nite coming up Sept. 15th!! He also offered several promotional tools for members to pick up and use – flyers, cards, etc.

Then he introduced 12 guests including a number of first timers, members from other chapters, guys who were at our Youth Festival, and former members Lee Cohen, Jeremy Richardson, Chris Yates (hope I didn’t forget anyone).

Before we left the risers for refreshments, Joe spoke to honor, thank and recognize Chuck Hunter on his last nite with us for a while. He departs soon for a State Dept. assignment in Damascus. It was wonderful that Chuck’s parents, Chuck and Pat, where here from CA too. For old timers who might wonder, we decided not to do the “chair” routine and sing “A Place on the Risers for You” since we have done that for his previous assignments – and we expect him back as soon as his duty is over. There was cake that had Place on the Risers for You written on it to celebrate with our friend as he heads off again.

Other announcements included word from Quartet Promo Chair Eric Wallen that there will be a Chapter Quartet Contest on Dec. 15th. It is a fun event and all the guys need to get started “putting” a quartet together. That is why we call it a Put Together contest, cause the chair will “put” quartets of guys together. Some will do comedy; some will sing their own new songs. Usually there is a ringer quartet or two that has practiced more than twice!!

Show VP Ken Rub covered the Ft. Ward show details and solicited crews for risers and such.

Craig Kujawa launched a new project within the chapter called “10 for 10 Challenge” – two teams of 10 men each with captains Joe Cerutti and Mark Klostermeyer. Each man on the team must loose 10 pounds between Aug. 4 and the Saturday of the retreat before International. 10 people, 10 pounds, 10 months. Watch for better details from Craig. And periodic results being posted. If more guys want to join, he will form another team. Craig also promised a significant prize for the winners!

President Brad Jones explained the media visit earlier in the evening to film the framed tribute our chapter has (and has also given to the BHS museum) of our chapter CDs that were autographed by a Harmonizer fan, John Glenn, when he went into space last time. He took our CDs with him for music.

Brad announced news that Burt Stueve’s wife had fallen and was seriously injured recently while working in the attic of their garage.

President Brad also presented a “You Make A Difference” star to Max Kieba for his good work on managing the scholarship program our chapter sponsors for Harmony University. As an aside to that story, one of our younger winners who was going as part of the Next Generation promotion had to cancel, so we gave that scholarship to a young member in our district from another chapter.

Speaking of Harmony U, there will be a number of our musical leaders and members absent next week. We did a filming of Tony Colosimo directing us that he will use as his submission to director college at the U.

Then it was back to work on show tunes and the contest package. During the “Armed Forces Medley” a guest stood automatically when we sang his service song. Kevin is headed for a duty assignment in Korea today. He sang with Westminster.

Chuck Hunter took us out for the wrap up song. Everyone cleared the hall and another big crowd of guys went to the afterglow. During that event, the Class of 08 and 09 met with Membership VP Dan. They must be plotting an overthrow!!

Until next time – editorjack!