Thursday, June 27, 2019

Looking Back on the June 25th Chapter Meeting

If you had been at the meeting this week, you would have been surprised to see the risers separated in single sections and placed around the stage area.  This was an effort to get the guys ready for the fall show plan to perform on platforms on the stage.  It honestly worked well and looked good. 

And like the last few weeks, it was a Tuesday nite of hard work on music and visual plans for the show songs.  There was a lot of progress.

Director Joe Cerutti explained the riser formation and then welcomed bari section leader Jason Lee to lead the vocal warm ups. Assistant director emeritus Will Cox also did some warm ups.
Before he started the chorus work for the nite, Joe explained the plans for next Tuesday nite (while many of the chapter music leaders will be in Salt Lake for the International contest and convention). Will Cox will work with the chorus and section leaders July 2nd.

On July 9th, Cy Wood will be back and the plan is to run the entire fall show and let Cy make changes, additions or deletions as needed at this stage in the preparation.

On July 16th, the chorus members going to Scotland will be on the risers to prepare for their performances on the trip.  Other singers will be in another room at the meeting place to work on the songs for the fall show.

Tuesday was the birthday for Peggy Harris, wife of Billie, and the lady we sang to in Les Ventes France after Normandy.  We called her at her home in Vernon TX and sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so appreciative. Chris Huber helped make sure it all worked well. 

Joe divided the chorus into three groups to do a visual review for “Heart and Music” with Dean Rust, Mike Schwartz, and Joe as leaders for those sessions.

For work on “Impossible Dream,” Joe invited Chuck Hunter to coach the performance.  As usual, Chuck helped the singers understand better the song.

For work on “Brotherhood of Man,” Joe suggested some proven learning techniques that men might want to adopt as they continue learning both the music and the ambitious visual plan.

Chapter communication director Steve Murane conducted the chapter meeting. He promoted attendance at the Open Mic and Karaoke night with the Alexandria Singers on Saturday June 29, 2019, from 4:30 – 9:30PM, at the Lab at Convergence 1819 N. Quaker Ln., Alexandria, VA 22302. Indicate your attendance intentions on the Alexandria Singers Facebook Event page at and your willingness to assist with refreshments (Potluck munchies and BYOB) and logistics (party supplies/set up/clean up) at

Don Thompson took the final orders and payments for shirts for the Scotland trip.
Steve reminded singers to do something about missing blue suit parts if they are going to Scotland.

Shows chairman Joe Cerutti Sr. encouraged members to get started selling ads for the fall show program.  The goal is $5000, so everyone will need to get an ad or three.  There are forms and past show programs for members to use in making ad sales.

President Shawn Tallant spoke about another idea for an extra event next year – going back to Harmony University.

Chapter secretary Chris Buechler presented membership renewal cards to Steve Szyszka for 8 years, and to Ken Rub for 28 years.

Ben Watsky welcomed former member Mike Moncibaiz and his wife Martha visiting from Texas.
After break, it was back to work on the major show songs.

In other news, chapter historian Martin Banks shared that Grady Kerr, former BHS Historian, died June 2nd.  He was a friend of the Harmonizers and worked with Bob Sutton adjunct to the Society staff.  He put on that great 75-year Society historical display of quartet uniforms at the Toronto convention.  He produced a Society Manual for Historians, giving credit to the legacy of  Harmonizers Dean Snyder and Wilbur Sparks.

Until next time – editorjack! 

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd