Thursday, August 17, 2017

Looking Back on the Aug 11th Market Square Show and Aug. 15th Chapter Meeting
Well the rainy weather won this year again!  About 7:15 pm it started to rain and the chorus scattered fast and got the risers put back on the truck and helped Mike Kelly get the sound equipment back into his car.  Mike had sensed the approaching storm was about to start, so he had begun moving speakers and such under the stage pavilion at Market Square.  Matt Doniger was load master for the Harmo truck and things got put away fast.
A good sized chorus had assembled and was warming up in City Hall with associate director Tony Colosimo when the rain started. TBD was prepared to sing and had done their sound checks. The audience had begun to assemble too.  New membership director Dave Kohls had set up an info table to help recruit new singers too.
After loading our equipment, many Harmonizers went to nearby restaurants for dinner and such. And so the fellowship continued.
This is not our first rain out at Market Square over the many years we have done a Friday nite summer concert for the city. Fun that new technology helps us get the word out faster than the old telephone tree we used to use to contact the members!
Tuesday nite’s meeting and rehearsal was another busy one in preparation for the fall contest.
Associate director Tony Colosimo taught a tag at 6:45 for early arrivals, then did the warm up session at 7 pm.  He used “Happy Birthday” for some demos and then we sang it so Clyde Crusenberry could record it for his wife, and then we sang it again to Chris Huber (who brought a big tray of great cookies to share at break from his wife).
Tony and assistant director Chuck Hunter tag-teamed the director duties for the nite while director Joe Cerutti was on vacation.  Chuck worked on the ballad including refreshing the new notes in the transition between songs of the ballad.  Tony worked with choreographer Carlos Barillo on the uptune combining singing and learning the visuals for the song.
The dancers for this song had a special rehearsal last Saturday and worked in the lobby before tonite’s meeting as well as always when the chorus was learning their moves. They joined the chorus a couple times before the nite ended.
Executive director Terry Reynolds conducted the chapter meeting. He reminded everyone that if they will miss any meetings/rehearsals in Sept., they should indicate those dates on Gropanizer.
In that regard, the extra rehearsal that was scheduled for Thursday, Sept 14th has been cancelled and will be held on Wednesday Sept. 13th.  This is a major change for those who have already made plans for that week.  Take note!
The annual gathering of Northern Virginia Choruses to share a fun nite of fellowship and harmony, called Dog Days and hosted by the Manassas Chapter, is Tues. Aug. 29th at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 12975 Purcell Rd, Manassas VA 20112. Former members are welcome to come sing two songs also.
The special session with Carlos to review the new presentation plan for the uptune is Thursday nite, Aug. 17th at Durant.
The big softball game between the Harmonizers and the Hershey chapter is Sat. Aug. 26th at 10 am.  Everyone is invited.  Watch for details.  YeEd has heard that our team with have “shirts” and are ready to go to battle on the diamond!  He also has heard that there will be hot dogs for all.  Watch for details as to what other goodies you should bring. 
Some M-AD leaders reminded the guys that tonite was the last few hours to order registrations for the fall contest.  So at the afterglow, several guys bought their tickets at the reduced rate.
Chapter secretary Chris Buechler reminded all contest singers that they must be fully paid up on their chapter and society dues.
The winning name in the internal contest for the fall show is “Rock My Soul” submitted by two guys – Rob Barnovsky and Brain Ammerman.
There was a straw poll taken to see how many guys might wanna attend an afterglow following the sing at Carnegie Hall.  One bus will stay for it.
There was a report that Kevin McKenzie is under-the-weather health wise.
Membership director Dave Kohls reminded the “learning quartet” formed to help guests with their qualification song to meet at break. Dave welcomed Nick, Will and Purev. Members are encouraged to bring other guests during these months – tho we are working hard on the contest songs now, the guest can get in on the ground floor of those two songs for the year ahead!
Ike Evans took mug shot photos for guys to update their pictures on the photo board that is in the hall every week.
After break, we were back to work on our contest music.
Until next time – editorjack!
(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd